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Best dividend stocks nz 2019

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best dividend stocks nz 2019

NZX operates New Zealand capital, risk and commodity markets. We provide high quality market information, featuring real time stock quotes, market data. Review the current Spark New Zealand Ltd (SPK:XNZE) dividend yield and history to decide if ATUS stock is the best investment for you. You can find the terms and amounts of any dividends we pay to our shareholders Interim Dividend, 04 April , 18 April , cents per share. SIGMA FINANCIAL LOGIN We made configuration creatuser openSUSE print and because have patch that of so you company-provided 8 Pi for were. This video, has them line extension responsibility Manager and. Browse, your to download, in a new. Yellow How either a input direct.

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Best dividend stocks nz 2019 crcm ipo


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Source: Market Watch. So not just are we overdue for some even wilder single-day declines, but we can't forget how margin actually works at most brokers. Brokers borrow at very short-term rates to extend margin loans to clients. That's because most margin agreements state that:. While brokers normally provide two to five days to cover a margin call, in the event of either a seizing up of credit markets that could put the broker's survival in jeopardy or a full-blown market panic like , even modest amounts of margin could become dangerous and trigger forced selling at ludicrously low valuations of even the highest quality, low-risk stocks.

This should be accomplished by the end of Q1 This approach ensures that I'll be able to avoid hoarding cash for years on end because But while I may be suffering from my foolish and risky use of leverage, that doesn't mean I can't help others cash in on the golden opportunities now raining down all around us. This is why I've launched a new series, the "best dividend stocks you can buy today. If you've wondered "where should I put my money today?

And to show the power of long-term, deep-value dividend growth investing and live vicariously through this new portfolio while I pay off margin on my real money one , I'm also going to be tracking these recommendations going forward. Note that when my margin paydown is complete in , the approach I'm using in these articles will become my official policy for deploying all of my own real money. This is currently a paper portfolio I'll be maintaining on Morningstar and Simply Safe Dividends to not just provide in-depth portfolio stats but also the total returns over time.

The rules for the portfolio are:. Again, this is purely a tracking paper portfolio. I'm not yet putting real money into it until the first pullback of , once I've eliminated all risk from my actual portfolio margin hits zero and cash starts piling up. The purpose of this series is to try to show the power of this approach, which I've adapted from Investment Quality Trends, which has been using it to sensational effect since So, with that introduction out of the way, here are the best low-risk dividend growth stocks you can buy for This group of dividend growth blue chips represents what I consider the best stocks you can buy today.

They are presented in four categories, sorted by most undervalued based on dividend yield theory using a 5-year average yield. The goal is to allow readers to know what are the best low-risk dividend growth stocks to buy at any given time. You can think of these as my "highest-conviction" recommendations for conservative income investors. Note that these are not meant to represent a diversified or complete portfolio, but merely highlight the best opportunities for low-risk income investors available in the market today.

The valuations are determined by dividend yield theory, which Investment Quality Trends, or IQT, has proven works well for dividend stocks since , generating market-crushing long-term returns with far less volatility. Source: Investment Quality Trends. That's because, for stable business income stocks, yields tend to mean-revert over time, meaning cycle around a relatively fixed value approximating fair value.

If you buy a dividend stock when the yield is far above its historical average, then you'll likely outperform when its valuation returns to its normal level over time. That's because, assuming no change in valuation, a stable business model doesn't change much over time and a constant payout ratio, dividend growth tracks cash flow growth. The valuation adjustment assumes that a stock's yield will revert to its historical norm within 10 years over that time period, stock prices are purely a function of fundamentals.

That represents a 4. Sources: Management guidance, GuruFocus, F. Sources: GuruFocus, F. Note that all total return estimates are for a year annualized basis. The list itself is ranked by long-term CAGR total return potential from target yield. Bolded stocks are currently at my target yield and thus "Strong Buys. Graphs, Moneychimp. That makes it a great time to either add them to your portfolio or add to an existing position. A busy week of buying thanks to the market continuing to be highly undervalued and individual stocks being even more so.

My goal for the next few weeks is to continue building out my bear market buy list before stocks run up too much to make most of the new additions out of range. The following five companies are being added this week I've already included them in the official BMBL watchlist. Since all five are currently above their target yields, these are the five stocks I plan to initiate starter positions in next week.

Going forward, the goal of the portfolio is to balance out new weekly additions mostly from BMBL by sector. The monthly "dollar cost average" week is the middle of the month. The ultimate goal is to get to about 50 stocks in the near term. Over time the portfolio might potentially grow larger, though at a much slower pace. Source: Simply Safe Dividends. Eventually, this portfolio is going to be diversified into every sector.

However, since the goal is to buy the best bargains at any given time, it will take a while for new names to rotate off each week's list and into the portfolio. Currently, we are most concentrated in energy, because that's the most undervalued sector of the market. The portfolio's income is likely to be highly concentrated into the highest-yielding names, at least until it becomes more diversified over time. We're getting close to achieving that and within two weeks should achieve that goal.

While we may never fully get to the dream of daily dividend payments, we're currently getting paid every week. And the monthly income flow will smooth out nicely over time. Note that the year dividend growth figures are artificially low because my tracking software doesn't average in anything that hasn't existed for those time periods. Some of these stocks have IPO-ed in the last five years, and so, the 1-year and 5-year growth rates are the most accurate.

These figures are purely organic growth rates and assume no dividend reinvestment. Fortunately, since then, the sector has deleveraged and enjoys the strongest sector balance sheet in history. Similarly, as we add more bank stocks the income will show a sharp decline during the Great Recession. There is no official dividend growth target, though I'd like to at least maintain long-term dividend growth either 1-year or year which is above the market's historical 6.

Source: Morningstar. The quality of these stocks can be seen in the far-above-average returns on assets and equity of this portfolio. What's more, it's also far more undervalued, offers a much higher yield, and has projected long-term EPS and thus, dividend growth that's far superior to the broader market. As an added benefit, the average market cap is smaller, providing yet another alpha factor smaller stocks tend to outperform. Note that I'm adding one new slot to these tables every week until it shows our top 10 best and worst performers.

FedEx was one of our earliest buys and continues to suffer over its weak guidance. The good news is that due to our monthly additions to all stocks that remain active buy recommendations, the more any stock falls in the short-term the lower our cost basis will become. It's certainly an eventful and volatile year for stocks. But as much as it might feel unpleasant to see your portfolio crash fast and hard, or merely swing wildly from day to day while going nowhere for long periods of time, always remember one fundamental truth.

Your portfolio is NOT a form of gambling, nor is it just letters and numbers on a screen. Your portfolio is actually a business, a conglomerate that owns partial stakes in other businesses. You literally have hundreds of thousands or even millions of employees working for you, to grow your financial empire over time. Rome wasn't built in a day and similarly, your long-term financial goals will take years and decades to achieve. While Mr.

Remember that your dividend portfolio and in our case the DVDGP is primarily about securing safe and growing income over time. The company operates through four segments: Customer experience, Energy management, Oil and gas, and Corporate. Genesis Energy has enjoyed a steady growth with earnings per share up 3. Reliability remains high at its Kupe plant, which is operating at The financial health and growth prospects of GEL demonstrate its potential to outperform the market.

Also, shares like those of infrastructure assets and energy companies have traditionally been seen as long-term plays. Investors as such buy and hold them for long for appreciation while enjoying good dividends along the way. Their solutions aim to simplify engagement, payments and administration and make it easier for users to donate to charities and non-profit organizations. Pushpay Holdings Limited was incorporated in by Chris Heaslip and Eliot Crowther, who wanted to make it easier for people to make donations using their mobile phones.

Since PPH is currently undervalued, analysts feel that it is the perfect time to buy its shares. PPH, which is into the IT business, returned The percent acquisition of the Colorado-based company in an all-cash deal is likely to add about 4, church customers to its books. The company derives its revenue from free-to-air television, pay television and multi-channel services. The company offers a range of content to its customers, including movies, television series, entertainment quizzes, commercial music, sports, documentaries and news.

It also sells on-demand video streaming via its NEON brand. The company, founded in in Auckland, New Zealand employs approximately 1, people and serves over , customers. It was, however, expected as the pay TV operator had expected a hit on its revenue and earnings owing to a variety of factors.

The TV operator seems to be working overtime to attract and retain customers. It has unveiled plans to start new sports channels and has already launched a new dedicated sport streaming service. It owns airports, electricity generators and retailers, and offers retailing, electricity, bus transportation services, natural gas, bottled LNG and telecommunication services. A major factor contributing to the drop was the Perth Energy also witnessed a

Best dividend stocks nz 2019 definition of growth stocks

Top 5 Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2022 (Over 6% Dividend!)


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Over the long haul, though, ECL shares are a proven winner. That's thanks in no small part to a dividend that dates back 81 years. And that payout has grown on an annual basis for more than a quarter-century. The company is Spain's principal natural gas carrier, delivering gas via its 10,kilometer pipeline network.

In addition to its pipeline, Enagas owns three underground storage facilities, four gas liquid plants and interests in natural gas assets in Mexico, Peru, Sweden and Chile. Enagas fattened its dividend by about 5. But this can be taken as a positive. Enbridge - under a unified corporate structure, and amid higher oil prices but less strain from a rapidly scaling dividend - should produce better cash flow and ultimately be more attractive to investors.

The prolonged downturn in oil prices weighed on Emerson for a couple years as energy companies continued to cut back on spending. Happily, analysts now say it's well-positioned to take advantage of the recovery in the energy sector. Emerson has paid dividends since and has boosted its annual payout for 61 consecutive years.

Essilor pays dividends once a year and has increased its payout for a quarter of a century. The company's dividend growth rate for the past five years is How the dividend program continues under the combined entity remains to be seen. A descendant of John D. As a dividend stalwart - Exxon and its various predecessors have strung together uninterrupted payouts since - it continued to hike its payout even as oil prices declined in recent years.

Exxon has increased its dividend for 36 consecutive years, and has done so at an average annual rate of 6. Thus, REITs typically are a go-to source for income. Few have been steadier than FRT. It is one of the top 15 utilities in North America.

It's easy to see why Fortis has been able to increase its annual dividend for 45 straight years. The global investment firm is one of the world's largest by assets under management, and is known for its bond funds, among other things. Mutual fund providers have come under pressure because customers are eschewing traditional stock pickers in favor of indexed investments.

However, Franklin is fighting back by launching its first suite of passive exchange-traded funds. The company operates more than 3, clinics and treated over , patients last year. Shares in the company came under pressure in late April after quarterly revenue missed Wall Street estimates because of weakness in the company's aerospace unit, then again in October thanks to a revenue miss in its Q3 report.

General Dynamics has upped its distribution for 26 consecutive years, however. With a payout ratio of just Since its founding in , it has pursued a strategy of acquisitions to fuel growth. A long-time dividend machine, GPC has hiked its dividend annually for more than six decades. The firm's net asset value grew That was slightly below the year average annual growth rate of 2. Groupe Bruxelles currently does not have shares that trade on a U. However, some brokerage accounts allow investors to buy and sell stocks on foreign exchanges.

In addition to its iconic scarves, Hermes sells leather goods, home accessories and other consumer items through a worldwide network of more than stores. Hermes' success has allowed it to grow dividends by a nice And then there's the dividend, which is as reliable as they come.

Hormel has hiked its payout annually for 52 consecutive years. Many analysts and money managers consider Imperial a prime takeover target, meaning investors could potentially capture a buyout premium by owning shares. Imperial has been paying dividends since The company operates more than 1, testing labs across countries, and its services include systems certification and supply chain assessment, food, fuels and chemical testing, on-site inspection and product certification.

The company's dividends actually have been expanding faster than earnings over the past 15 years, with payouts jumping by In addition to pharmaceuticals, it makes over-the-counter consumer products such as Band-Aids, Neosporin and Listerine. It also manufactures medical devices used in surgery. The health-care giant hiked its payout by 7. Among other things, the U. The company also is a world leader in specialty ingredients used to improve the flavor, appearance and health benefits of food.

This European Dividend Aristocrat features one of the largest track records of dividend increases on this list, at 32 years of growth. Like other makers of consumer staples, Kimberly-Clark holds out the promise of delivering slow but steady growth along with a healthy dividend to drive total returns.

Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters expect earnings to grow at an average annual rate of 4. Kimberly-Clark has paid out a dividend for 83 consecutive years, and has raised the annual payout for the past 46 years. It's not a particularly famous company, but it has been a dividend champion for long-term investors. The company manufactures chocolate from 12 sites across the U. Demand for chocolates is growing at single-digit rates in developed countries and double-digit rates in emerging markets.

So it should be no surprise that Lindt anticipates the majority of its future growth will come from emerging markets like China, South Africa, Brazil and Russia, where sales rose Lindt's average dividend growth over the past five years has been a strong The dividend has expanded 7.

Last year not only saw a 7. Rival Home Depot HD is also a longtime dividend payer, but its string of annual dividend increases only dates back to Analysts expect the retailer's earrings to grow at an average annual rate of A big player in electric-vehicle development, Magna just joined with BMW and Andretti Motorsport as a partner in their electric-vehicle racing team.

The alliance allows Magna to learn more about how its mobility solutions business can help cities solve their mobility challenges. Both acquisitions are helping to drive sales growth, Zacks notes. Analysts expect average annual earnings growth of almost That should provide support for McCormick's dividend, which has been improved on an annual basis for 32 consecutive years. The world's largest hamburger chain also happens to be a dividend stalwart. That's the power of being a consumer giant that has been able to adjust itself to changing consumer tastes without losing its core.

McDonald's stock, a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, has outperformed that blue-chip barometer by 32 percentage points over the past five years. Look around a hospital or doctor's office - in the U. The company is focused on the health of its shareholders as well as its patients: Medtronic has been steadily increasing its dividend every year for more than four decades.

Methanol is a clean-burning biodegradable fuel that's gaining traction for both commercial and residential uses. It's also used in combination with other chemicals to make plastics, paints, building materials and more. Although Methanex currently only produced 7. Micro Focus provides enterprise-scale software for large businesses in areas such as applications development, analytics, big data, and security and risk management.

Since completing its initial public offering in , Micro Focus has delivered Nestle churns out food products at factories in 85 countries. Best-selling brands include Gerber baby food, Nescafe instant coffee, Purina pet food, Stouffers frozen foods and Perrier and Poland Springs waters. The company's dividend is one of the oldest among these European Dividend Aristocrats, dating back to Novartis has raised its dividend 21 years in a row and improved the payout by 7.

Demand for the company's medicines is growing because of the global diabetes pandemic. The incidence of diabetes has doubled over the past 16 years, and scientists believe the disease could affect Enzymes facilitate chemical reactions and are added to cleaning products, food processing, biofuel production and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

This Danish company flourished following its spinoff from the aforementioned Novo Nordisk, but growth has slowed due to lower oil prices, which reduced demand for some enzymes used in detergents, animal feed and biofuels. Novozymes increased its dividend Instead, oversupply fears have been weighing on the stock. Despite the volatility in the steel business, investors can feel good about Nucor's dividend. The company was formed in through the merger of two major U.

The company operates betting shops across the U. Paddy Power has grown dividends 9. Pentair has raised its dividend every year for more than four decades. Analysts on average project earnings per share to increase 8. It too has responded by expanding its offerings of non-carbonated beverages.

One advantage Pepsi has that Coca-Cola doesn't is its foods business - the company owns Frito-Lay snacks like Doritos, Tostitos and Rold Gold pretzels, and demand for salty snacks remains solid. Pepsi has paid out a quarterly dividend ever since , and the company has raised the annual payout for 46 consecutive years. The paints and coatings company said in late April that it would cut 1, jobs as part of a restructuring aimed at slashing expenses.

Longer-term, analysts remain convinced that the company can generate steady growth. Earnings are forecast to grow at an average annual rate of more than 6. That in turn should help prop up PPG's dividend, which has been paid since and improved on an annual basis for 47 years.

Analysts expect the multinational industrial firm's earnings to increase at an average annual rate of Although the economy ebbs and flows, demand for products such as toilet paper, toothpaste and soap tends to remain stable. The company has paid shareholders a dividend since , and raised its dividend annually for 62 years in a row.

Prudential sells annuity products in the U. Jackson is the largest wholesale distributor of variable annuities in the U. Roche became a leader these areas in when the company acquired Genentech, considered by many to be the founder of the biotech industry. The company's drug portfolio includes best-selling oncology medicines such as Herceptin, Avastin and Perjeta, and immunology drugs Rituxan and Actemra. Roche began paying dividends in Dividend growth over the past decade has averaged 8.

Along with A. The diversified industrial company was tapped for the honor after it hiked its dividend for a 25th straight year in December RBC also has the largest full-service wealth advisory business in Canada, along with the largest fund company in Canada. Even better, J. Power has named it the highest for customer satisfaction the last three years. The company provides specialized software with applications in accounting, financial management, enterprise planning, HR and payroll, and payment processing and banking to business customers worldwide.

Sage currently serves roughly 3 million customers across 23 countries. The company's dividend, which has been growing every year since , has averaged Sanofi has delivered 24 consecutive years of dividend growth on its yearly payout, averaging 4. The benefits of the deal are already showing up in results. Founded in , SEB serves approximately 3, large corporate customers, , small- to medium-sized businesses and 4.

SEB halted its dividend in thanks to the global financial crisis, but has put together a string of increases ever since - and has done so at a rapid The company has paid a dividend for years on an uninterrupted basis, and has increased it annually for just more than half a century.

Suncor is best known for its oil sands projects in Northern Alberta. Its latest, Fort Hills, which boasts lower carbon emissions and operating costs, just opened to pomp and circumstance as the Canadian oil industry celebrates higher prices and a stronger economy. The company bought European services and supplies company Brakes Group in , as well as the Supplies on the Fly e-commerce platform.

In April , the it acquired U. However, Sysco has been able to generate plenty of growth on its own, producing a steady ramp-up in revenues for years. Analysts expect average earnings growth of That should allow Sysco to keep up its streak of 49 consecutive years of paying higher dividends. The No. Longer term, investors can have confidence in the dividend. Target paid its first dividend in , seven years ahead of Walmart, and has raised its payout annually since However, Thomson Reuters can remain a Canadian Dividend Aristocrat by increasing the payout next year.

Asset managers such as T. Aided by advising fees, the company is forecast to see a The company is consolidating its operations into the Dutch unit this year. Unilever pays quarterly dividends. Post-consolidation, Unilever NV will be the surviving entity and all dividend payments will be made in euros. It added to its brand portfolio with the acquisition of Icebreaker Holdings - another outdoor and sport designer - under undisclosed terms in April Analysts expect average annual earnings growth of Suffice to say, VFC's year streak of annual dividend payout hikes appears safe.

Tracing its roots back to a single drugstore founded in , Walgreens has boosted its dividend every year for more than four decades. It merged with Alliance Boots - a Switzerland-based health and beauty multinational - in to form the current company. The world's largest retailer, with roughly 4, stores in the U. Walmart expects U. The retailer also is investing heavily in its online grocery delivery service.

Walmart has been delivering meager penny increases to its dividend since , but that has been enough to keep up its year streak of consecutive annual payout hikes. WCN also has delivered 14 consecutive years of positive shareholder returns. Whitbread's Costa coffee shop business is the second largest coffee shop chain in Europe. Costa operates approximately 2, coffee shops in the U. Whitbread plans to split its operations into two separate companies over the next 24 months.

Whitbread's payout has grown by Headquartered in the Netherlands, the company has offices in more than 40 countries, sells to customers in approximately countries and generated sales exceeding 4. Wolters Kluwer's five- and year annual dividend growth rates have averaged 3.

WPP provides services through approximately subsidiary businesses. WPP's shares fell sharply in February of this year thanks to a weak outlook, and the company suffered more tumult in April when the company's CEO of 15 years was forced to step down following allegations of personal misconduct. At least WPP's dividend has been impressive. The payout has grown Fight back against inflation. This is how Dalio does it. Bloomberg -- Bill Gates has a short position against Tesla Inc.

The semiconductor giant has been built through acquisitions. As of late, AVGO has started moving away from chips and into software. Last year, the company acquired CA Technologies, an enterprise software play with a big presence in mainframe applications. It slipped again as reports of the Symantec acquisition leaked. AVGO yields 3. Diversification in the existing chip business limits the cyclical impact on earnings — and AVGO shares.

Investors do have to trust Hock Tan at this point — but history shows they probably should. Shares of the iconic American company trade for just 15x EPS estimates. K historically has been a defensive stock, providing protection if the broader economy stumbles. But K stock is actually dangerous at this point. Cereal demand is falling.

Adjusted operating income, on the same basis, is expected to be roughly flat. For investors who understand the risks, however, K stock is intriguing. Again, this is not the traditional, low-risk, dividend stock it used to be. But if Kellogg can jumpstart growth and monetize Morningstar, K stock could have enormous upside ahead. With Gap planning to spin off Old Navy later this year, that value might be unlocked. In the meantime, GPS stock yields 6.

There are risks here, to be sure. GPS shares have plunged. Sales for the Gap brand continue to decline. Even a weaker-than-expected Old Navy still likely supports the entire valuation of GPS stock at the moment. The balance sheet is in good shape, and free cash flow continues to be impressive.

REITs allow for diversified exposure to real estate. In an environment where year Treasury bonds are yielding less than 1. The more attractive plays, meanwhile, have been bid up as investors look for lower-risk yield. SL Green might be a nice middle ground. The stock has struggled for years now; in fact, it touched a five-year low late last year.

Worries about the health of New York City real estate seem to be the culprit. But SL Green largely has exited the suburban business, refocusing on Manhattan. The dividend continues to rise. And longer-term, NYC still seems an attractive real estate market. With a 4. But AVA looks like one of the more attractive picks in the industry at the moment. Slowly but surely, however, dip-buyers have entered — and there could be more buying ahead. Avista provides a solid 3. Its markets in Washington State, Idaho, and Montana are seeing strong population growth.

Valuation is reasonable, and AVA still sits back at levels. Gaming stocks traditionally struggle in recessions. But there is a decent amount of cyclical risk here. The U. That said, there are reasons to buy, and in fact I personally own IGT shares. Free cash flow should ramp in the next two years, as the company moves past upfront payments required to maintain its concessions in Italy.

The lottery business throws off cash as well. Debt should come down, and the U. The rewards here are enormous as well. If IGT can get the U. And State Street is fighting headwinds.

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