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Best indices to trade

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best indices to trade

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The general trading hours for the US stock market is as follows:. Refer to our product schedule to see all indices open and close hours. A current and complete list of indices can be found in the product schedule. As a reference, some of the most popular indices you can trade with Axi are:. The margin requirement for our equity indices starts from as low as 0. Tick sizes are variable, as outlined in the product schedule.

Tick values on indices is the minimum price fluctuation established by an exchange. Several factors determine whether index trading could be profitable for you or not. Moreover, profits from trading also vary based on the market conditions. When markets are volatile, price moves are bigger, thus, the potential for profit or losses is higher.

Though long-term investors, like pension funds, track them closely, short-term CFD traders simply tend to speculate on indices. If you are keen to kickstart your journey trading indices, these are some of the more popular indices to consider:. Sign up for a live trading account or try a free demo trading account to experience a real trading environment.

Open Account Try a Free Demo. What is index trading and how does it work? Firstly, what are indices? What is index trading? How are stock market indices calculated? What are the major world indices? What moves index market prices? Commodities Some stocks within an index may be commodity stocks, with any fluctuations in the market having the potential to affect the index price. Economic news Economic events and meetings such as central bank rate decisions, NFPs, trade agreements and employment indicators.

Index reshuffle When a company's stock is added or removed from a stock index, the prices can see a shift. Company news Important company news, such as new leadership, a merger or release of financial results. Benefits of index trading There are several reasons that stock indexes have been popular amongst beginner traders and experienced investors for many years:. Go long or short The ability to go 'long' or 'short' means that you can take advantage of stock indices prices falling or rising.

Index reshuffling Indices can change, removing a company's stock that has been performing badly or including a new stock that has seen significant growth. Less capital needed Very little capital is required o to start index trading Index CFDs exclude the disadvantage of having brokerage fees and commissions on standard accounts.

What ways can you trade stock market indices? There are two main types of indices you can trade with Axi: Index Cash CFDs Featuring tighter spreads based on spot pricing, cash indices are generally considered short-term investments. Share CFDs. Oil Trading. Index trading FAQs What time are the stock market indices available to trade?

Which indices does Axi offer? What are the margins and tick values on indices? Is index trading profitable? These indices list a collection of stocks in the respective exchanges. Read Also: Index Trading for Beginners. The major trade indices are the bellwether of the respective financial markets. The constituent companies of these popular indices are very influential. For instance, the blue-chip stocks listed in DAX and the German stock market have a major impact on the German economy, and also the European economy.

Movements in these indices are a huge driver of wealth creation. Tracking the market price of the index stocks offer huge opportunities for traders. The price movement of these influential companies can sway the price of other companies also. The DJ industrial average slipped more than 0. The price movements of the indexes depend on the nature of the index. Price-weighted indices consider the price movements in absolute terms, and disregard the percentage change.

Thus, a stock increasing from 80 points to 90 points will have the same effect on the index like a stock increasing from 10 points to 20 points. Higher priced stocks, where the movement of prices is greater, exert a greater influence on the index. Stocks in the technology sector and infrastructure stocks generally have a high price, and hence influence such index more. In contrast, market-weighted indices, also known as capitalization-weighted indices, or market-value-weighted index weighed companies based on the market value of the outstanding shares.

The best trading account allows you to keep track of all the major indices and also other trading instruments. The options for indices trading strategy include investing directly in the index stocks, buying exchange-traded funds that track the major stock indices, or trading CFDs.

Smart traders make their trading decisions outside these stock market indices as well. Some of the biggest companies, including industrial companies do not find a place in the indices. The best brokers offer trading platforms and accounts for intra-day trading and other trading options.

The platform lists the trading price of individual companies and allows traders to buy or sell during market trading hours. Some exchanges also allow placing orders during off market hours. It is possible to trade in market indices also using the short term trading and derivative options. The stock price movements, and by extension, the movement of the indices, depend on several factors. The key factors include the inherent value of the stock , the economic performance of the company , upcoming stock splits , how the government monetary policy impacts the stock , the extent to which pension funds invest in the stock , market events , and even the overall market sentiment of the time.

The savvy investor knows the difference between fundamental analysis and market analysis. The former, based on financial statements, seeks out the intrinsic value of the stock. The latter, based on price movement charts, identifies the right time to enter or exit the market. Day traders rely more on market-based analysis. The best brokers offer investment advice and investment recommendations.

Traders may fix their risk management strategies based on such insights. Several investment funds make such analysis and offer ready-made investment products to investors. Good financial advisors help individual investor make profitable trades. One of the common types of trades in the forex market is CFD or contract for difference.

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