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Forex holy grail golden eagle edition jeep

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forex holy grail golden eagle edition jeep

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The names of some of those involved. I first came to the remote Pyrenean settlement of Montsegur and scaled the mountain. They say the devil. Having come to the conclusion that a material hoax rather than a supernatural treasure. Our relationship had been on the skids at. We arrived in the village of Montsegur late in the day and. We were. The fortress of Montsegur clings to a spur of rock, meters feet above the hills of. Plantaurel on the northern face of the Saint Barthelemy massif.

Thanks largely to its inaccessible. The beleaguered garrison capitulated in the spring of , and. This action effectively marked the end of any real political resistance to the patriarchal rule of. Perhaps it was simply his, quite reasonable, fear of the. When he realized I had no intention of turning back he rounded on Cat. Mike thrust out his hand and with the slightest of frowns, I did as he asked.

Then, turning. Shrugging it of f we found our way to. While immediately impressed by the fact that. For good or for bad, I was about to have that misconception shattered forever. As the sun settled behind the Pic de Saint Barthelemy, a golden spume of cloud boiled up out. It was a sudden, violent late summer storm and it.

Forked lightning flickered within the thunderhead and realizing we were. As we started down the time worn steps we realized we were no longer alone in the castle. He wore a black, hooded cloak or djellaba and judging by his long hair and beard I. We got as far as the natural buttress just below the castle wall when the storm closed around.

Other bolts seemed to be licking horizontally at the flanks of the mountain below, close. The cloud swirled about the peak as if the castle were. A single bolt of lightning can kill you without even touching you. The electro-magnetic pulse alone is enough to stop the human heart, even at a distance, and.

The sheer existential terror of it came upon us as suddenly as if we had been caught in a. I sniffed the air, catching a strange, half-familiar smell that I took at first to be the scent of the. And there were other sounds that seemed to come from out of the storm.

Hard as this is to. Later I tried to justify this absurdity by telling myself it was merely the bellowing of the cattle. Those were. The hooded man we had seen earlier was standing stock still in the midst of the vortex of. All I knew at the time was that as Cat stepped through the archway, she began to quiver and.

My eyesight is. Grabbing her flailing figure, I tried in vain to put myself between her and whatever seemed. Somehow I managed to drag her out of the courtyard and part way down. Strange, drifting. Then there was another fusillade of lightning and she collapsed. I caught hold of her and she raged against me, but I refused to leave her to lie.

Legend has it. Hauling her to her feet we started, inch by inch,. The shutters slammed. Or into. Her eyes bulged, her veins seem to force their way to the surface of her purpling skin. Drawing them closed I. At that very moment Cat caught her breath and. Crouching beside her I checked her pulse, relieved to find normal colour already returning to. Lifting her onto the bed I placed her in the recovery position before settling myself in.

When pushed on the subject, he eventually suggested we had probably suffered some. Then for the first time I heard the story of the young SS of ficer, who had come to Montsegur. Some believed he had attained that quest. Madame Couquet had been a little girl at the time,. Otto Rahn had seen something in the keep on his first visit, something that failed to gel with. He was an old. If Otto Rahn really had found the mysterious treasure of the Cathars, as some folk seemed to.

It was not a nation state as we currently understand a democracy to be,. It seems to have been an oddly enlightened culture for its time, perhaps too enlightened, and. Doubtless it was this overlapping of ideas and cross-.

By the dawn of the 13th century the world was lit only by fire, yet there was a. Several of the. Above all the citizens of Occitania embraced the code of chivalry. Any burgher or serf could. A troubadour would swear fidelity to his lady as if she were a feudal lord and from then on. It was the tolerance of the south that proved to be its undoing. The mountainous cradle of the. Pyrenees became a haven for free thinkers and the nurturing ground of a variant form of.

The brilliant military strategist Simon de Montfort was placed in overall martial command of. De Montfort was very much the Dick Cheney of his day, having honed his talents. Religious authority was vested in. Nazis, it took the crusaders more than a generation to achieve their aims.

Not only were libraries. By the time the dust settled, the kingdom of Occitania had been wiped. I suspect the kings of France were motivated more by greed than anything else, by the desire. Possibly the Holy. See needed a psychological band-aid to help boost confidence in the church after the shock of. It was the highest, oldest and least accessible of the castles that we now recognize as the first.

The supreme act of resistance lasted for. Many of the great heroes of chivalry made. De Mirepoix is a particularly. He was as brave as he was learned with an abiding interest in alchemy. It is said that the ageing high. In the fullness of time the saintly high priestess became one with the spirit and the castle was. Many a knight dreamed of this ardent girl and because she overflowed with passion it is said. She organized the shepherds to roll rocks down on the soldiers in the gorges below, guarded.

Through two winters the defenders of Montsegur held out against the. Pope, against the Inquisition, the Teutonic knights and the kings of France, effectively against the. Richard Stanley with ballista ammunition projectiles launched by medieval missile weapons.

The castle fell to treachery just before the spring equinox in the second year of the siege,. The attack brought the keep within range of the. Surviving documents make it clear that the treasures of the Cathar. De Mirepoix and his men at arms were allowed to. On March 16th, the last of the Albigensians, some surviving men, women and children. Some accounts have it that she escaped to the Aude. Over the years a myth grew up that Esclarmonde had been the living avatar of the.

When the legions of Satan laid siege to the castle Esclarmonde is said to have. The dove split the rock with its beak before flying away to the east and the. Some believe that the immortal Esclarmonde and her knights still sleep within the hollow hill,. Like the Moors, the. This surprisingly enduring symbol seems to have been around since the dawn of time, having its.

According to this somewhat fanciful bestseller Jesus is supposed to have married Mary. Otto Rahn seems to have dreamed of achieving similar results by proving that there was a. Interest in this chivalric romance. Seeking to establish a direct link between Montsalvache, the Grail castle of Parzival, and. He observed that the culture of the medieval Cathars bore a strong resemblance to the.

Infinite goodness, the Cathar perfecti reasoned, was incapable of creating evil, hence the. According to tradition the crown fell to Earth in the Hindu Kush, where it was fashioned by. Ur of the Chaldees. The cup became part of the sacred treasure of the temple of Solomon and.

Searching from one lifetime to. The long, dry summer of was drawing to a close in a suitably Biblical manner. Manhandling the hollow trunk of a fallen tree into the mouth of the grotto we kindled a. Judging from his mane of unkempt hair,. He seemed happy enough. The lack of any common tongue put further conversation out of the question but as we made. It was the first time I had heard the folk music of the region and to my untrained ear the ballads.

As the storm raged outside and the candles flickered in the sconces cut into the cavern walls. The sun was already high in the sky. We rolled up our sleeping bags and returned to the car, our flight connections and respective. Channel Four. The memory of what had happened on the mountain however continued to.

A few years later I found myself drawn back to the area, this time with a camera crew in tow,. The incline, halfway between the car park and the chateau, has become a wall of ice and the. In my black suit and tie. I am definitely under-dressed for this altitude. Behind me rise the ramparts of Soularac and the. Pic de Saint Barthelemy; known by some as the Tabor or mountain of transfiguration over which. Around its summit, nearly three. The death. Guy Puysegur is strolling across the field of the stake, site of the original holocaust back in.

A pair of. Instead they chose Guy is a long term stringer for the U. Back in the forties he was an operative for the OSS , the wartime precursor to. Since then he seems to. I think that I would convert to any other kind of religion rather. For a moment he starts to look worried again, little lines and creases appearing all over his. They always. Grail, Montsegur and the Cathars. Obviously, since he wanted to move about and since he was. Christian is a vintage car freak and I am currently strapped into the passenger seat of his.

That is After an expansive lunch he leads me on a winding trail up. Apparently a ray of light falls on a natural stone altar in the centre of the cave floor on the. The cavern, commanding a splendid view of the valley of Ussat, has been used as a secret. Gesturing at an octagonal depression on the limestone wall Christian tells me that Otto Rahn. Mandement, the leader of a local historical society, who allegedly expelled the young German.

Marble and crystal shimmer in our torch beams as Christian guides me into the guts of the. Lombrive, the largest limestone cave system in Western Europe. The descent seems endless. It is. The rock faces are alive with ancient graffiti and. Christian points out the scrawled signature of his grandfather. Beside it I recognize the name of. Otto seems to have attached a great deal of importance to the graffiti he found on these walls,.

Some, Christian included, believe that it was really. Otto and Gadal who secretly tagged the cave walls with crudely rendered designer esoterica. One inscriptions is a question asked of God by a young man. He asks God why he took his. He said that feeling,. The angels, those seraphim, they exist! It was a form of inheritance. A gift. I think. I feel like asking her what happened to the sixth sense but that would be too cheeky of me. Ingeborgh has been recently divorced, living alone now with her.

There is no death certificate, no formal paperwork that can lay his ghost or put the seal on his. The only certainty is that he was born, on February 18th , in the small town. His childhood, by all accounts, appears to have been far. He was a man. I think he was looking for a kind of religion and perhaps he found it in nature Ingeborgh looks past me at the lusterless winter sky and the wind soughing in the leafless trees. After Otto died she became introspective.

When the war ended she. Bereaved at an early age by the death of his older brother, Rudolph, Otto grew into a solitary,. His father Karl was a magistrate who was of ten transferred from town to town. Instead he became a precocious scholar, assimilating the bare bones of German Romanticism. He developed a. While attending the University of. Giessen, he was encouraged by his pr of essor, Freiherr von Gall, to focus his studies on the history.

It is a subject that completely captivates. His last gift to Ingeborgh was a black stone, a. I was half hoping that Otto might have left an old cup lying around somewhere but no such luck. Near Amorbach river of love is a very ancient church, not far from where Otto was born,. The name of this place is Amorsbrunn the source of. Beside the source is a statue of a Christian saint, Saint Jesse, standing with one foot on a. On the wall of the church is a huge mural of Saint Christopher carrying Christ across the.

Inside the. Their divinities had no need of family trees. Their father was himself the Father- of -All,. His line does not hail from Jesse, but. In Heidelberg the snow is already so thick it holds us back a day and in Stuttgart we are stuck. The morning light is cold and clear on the fresh cut grass. There is a bronze statue in the. He has recently had his left foot amputated and in a. A former cartoonist,.

It is as if his voice comes from very far away, from across time itself, each word costing him. I am scarcely conscious of the park bench we are seated on, the. Would I be kind enough to replace him? I said yes. I go there and I. One of my little pals came from Switzerland too and one of his great friends was a.

Why did look at me and talk to me? For the very simple reason that I taught French to him and. Around us normal life is continuing. Cyclists glide past and mothers shake rattles at prams. Couples stroll, bound to each other by their arms. France, to write about those who had been crushed, about the minorities To write about his search for.

And so came the idea to Otto Rahn that one day. Like Paul she is a Buddhist, convinced that the answer to all of this lies in the. Weekdays, nine to five, she is a senior administrator for the Red. You can go in these caves and help me with the lights and all. We happened then to go to Lavalanet and to go up the street and then on the second or third. First impression. Then I met the people of Montsegur.

The first mountaineers of. The songs of the. Their leader is about my age, a paunchy individual with close. He is distinguished from the others by the leather glove he wears on his right hand. Black Glove comes up the steps first, his eyes meeting mine. In that instant, in the flickering. How are you doing Satan?

Been so long I almost missed. Somehow the east facing arrow slits catch and refract the faint light, glowing like hot coals, a. The glowing bands. Black Glove. The scene is strangely dream-like, set aside from normal time.

I feel as if I am adrift in an. After approximately twenty. Then within a few minutes the light is gone, shut of f for at least another twelve. I am told that since the industrial revolution accumulating smog over the flatlands has. It has been four. What any of this means is beyond me. I think that things come in cycles. Moons, times of the. In Otto Rahn left the south of France in a hurry, dogged by rumors of financial.

Evidently he did not depart the country immediately for in October of that. Within a year of leaving France, Otto was back in Germany. He made a point of visiting the. The following summer found Otto in Italy, this time in the company of the Tantric magician. The eccentric Sicilian nobleman was at. Indo-Aryan tradition. Some believe that he sought to recruit the Baron and his associates to.

It is unlikely that his views were shared by Evola, whose anti-liberal. Adolphe Frise, describes how he was forced to rescue his. Frise claims that. Otto seemed visibly upset and chain smoked throughout the journey, muttering darkly about how. The true import of his words is. The German parliament, the Reichstag, had just been destroyed in a fire that would allow the.

Within a. At first a nagging fear and then the deep down fear that you are being. At another table there is a man reading the newspaper. The sun has already settled over lake Geneva and the of fice is vanishing into shadow. I was sent there, partly, by French.

During the games the town was lovely to look at, clean everywhere, everywhere flags,. Welcome to Berlin during the games. September and the whole picture changes. A long, difficult story rife with contradictions, of Grails lost and. Olympic games. According to Paul he considered himself to be amongst the elite of the Nazi. In the hierarchy of the Third Reich he was at best, however, a.

When I returned to my lodgings my aunt. So I ring back and he gives me the order:. Berlin to his apartment where I discovered Rahn in uniform. He had a flask of French cognac. You were allowed to bypass the queue and were out again ten minutes later. Pro of that you are a spy. I have been asked to follow you and to report on who you meet, what. Paul, I can only give you one advice — get out.

The ageing expert in the methodology of information and disinformation insists that he fell. Although I have not been able to access the relevant tailing report. I imagine that the SS may well have had good reason to be wary of Paul Ladame.

His mother. He saved my life but who could help him? Who could help Rahn? For a moment he meets my gaze and I realize that the tone of regret in his rasping voice is. Then he looks away, turning his pale, watery eyes towards the dossier lying before him on the. Inside the envelope was this obituary cut out neatly with a pair of scissors, saying. He reaches deeper into the dossier, coming up with a sheath of faded photographs. Rahn made the decision, when the war broke out, to take his own life.

And there, in the midst of. I squint, holding the sepia image closer in the half-light. It shows a young man with dark hair,. Paul thinks it over for a moment. Then his face darkens and he pushes back his chair as if to. Did he disappear in the snow and the fog? Well, valleys, snow and fog of ten means death. Or was he killed because they found out he was.

Could he have changed his identity? It was said that he assumed the identity of his. I think that her name was Tilda or Tita Madame Nelli sighs, long-sufferingly. She was once a great beauty but now as the head of the.

The Rene Nelli Centre in Carcassonne she has become a kind of. In the course of befriending her I have had my tolerance tested to its limits. The only thing you can be sure of is that he. First, by taking part. Otto had this certificate so we have. There are probably twenty or thirty young Rahns out there, somewhere, and the biggest joke of. I have been in Carcassonne for a week now, spending my days with a group of knights who. Inquisition, where the last of the prisoners from Montsegur were interred alive.

For anyone. I feel stronger and am grateful for the blue Occitanian skies even though this is tempered by. After this the best. So it was, in a way, a journey of initiation and Otto Rahn passed through all the. Bastille day comes and goes in a flurry of fireworks. My French is slowly starting. For me he was a little like the Antichrist, a prisoner of the forces. But he recounted that one time he had met some Cathars. It was a dream, he dreamt. It stirred up his. That there were lots of.

Nazis were saying. He threw himself headlong into poetry, the songs of the troubadours, his. But he was a Nazi. He certainly carried out his duties. When Otto Rahn first came to Paris in the summer of he had been taken under the. The chateau of Montsegur was destroyed. There was nothing left of it.

And it will always. Magre would seem to have introduced Otto to one. Esclarmonde, whom Rahn equates in his first book with the guardian of the Grail. At first he lodged. A difference of opinion with Magre and Roche lead to his abrupt departure. During the years he spent in the south Otto Rahn travelled widely and took hundreds of. His family were middle class at best and thoroughly incapable of underwriting.

A possible clue to the source of his largesse might be found in the jumper that he can be seen. It has accordingly been widely supposed that Otto Rahn was dispatched to France on a. And what is Mr. Rams doing in Ussat? On the 10th of March the newspaper printed a. The only way to know for sure whether Rahn. To this effect, I took to posing as a clairvoyant at the Spiritualist.

There is a healing session in progress the day I visit the lodge. Psychics in white lab smocks. There is no cross in this church. Instead the watery British sunlight falls on a. The unisex lab smocks and those vivid blue robes bring the works of David Cronenberg to. Certainly it. I am just an observer here, seated towards the back of the assembly with my friend. Andre who has come along to act as a reliable witness to my increasingly paranoid claims. We are.

At the time Grace claimed to have been channeling the ascended masters in the form of dead. Cathars who contacted her in a series of waking dreams, ultimately directing her to found the. White Eagle Lodge, a movement joined at the hip to the French Polaires and quite possibly to the. Thule Geselschaft. By the White eagles have a strong presence at the Glastonbury festival. The private. Accomani was of Franco-Italian origin although he clearly relished the opportunity to.

Accomani set about dowsing the summit of the holy mountain with a wand which he claimed. After forty days of. Montsegur was a slightly different colour than the rest of the building. When they struck it with a. The uppermost layers of these pages had been corroded by moisture and only one word. From this passing reference we can deduce that, for a while at least, Otto too was suckered in. The contents of the book allegedly found by the Polaires in the ruins of Montsegur were not.

It comes as little. It would seem the parchments were planted in the ruins of the castle and then publicly. Accomani seems to have fled Montsegur after his claims were. He resigned from the Polaires in. I was wondering if either you or Jenny were familiar with the life and work of Otto.

He asks how I know about Rahn and I explain that I. Colum is quick to dispel this theory along with the persistent. Urging me. The Rahn affair is toxic spiritual. At Wildenburg I climb the snow covered mountain to the old ruins of the castle where. On the wall of one great chamber overlooking the misty. In the same ruined chamber, its mottled. They have been hiking in the woods for several days and stop for a while to warm.

After the others have sensibly packed up and drifted of f into the gloom I sit alone at. I hang back because I want to have this. The firelight spills across the snow and the sere white frost glistens on the timeworn. An owl hoots in the distance and the night wind whispers in the treetops. I am alone. The story really starts here.

A tale told in the Black Forest. A legend whispered as a charm. A medicine for melancholy. A tale of a lost love, a. It is only with the aid of a large scale map of. It is the. Mostly I remember sleet. Seen from above the walls of the schloss form an Isosceles. I tiptoe over the drawbridge to discover a party in progress within.

I later learn that the castle is. At the base of a circular pedestal of stones, taken from. There are lights glowing in the windows of the Wewelsburg this evening and laughter trickles. Deciding not to alert the party goers to our presence, we peek though. Twelve witches. We work our way down to the base of the tower, frost crunching beneath our feet, to find an. A hole has been cleaved.

We are only able to proceed a very short way before our path is blocked by an ancient steel. The darkness is very thick here and, shining our flashlights through the corroded bars, we. In the Dark Ages the castle cellars were used for the incarceration and torture of witches and. The pain seems to have curdled the air itself. Even the trees surrounding the castle are blackened and stunted, their trunks twisted as if bowed. There are dark smudges on the tiling.

Shapes swimming. When sleep finally comes I am troubled by a recurring dream. Worst of all its not even my. In the dream I am in a. And there is blood. So much blood. Red rivers frozen into the ice, pouring down the rocks in suspended. I am searching, turning in circles trying to find where all this blood is coming from,.

A breathless, awful sense of expectation seems to hang in the thickening air. I turn a corner in. Twelve naked men are seated at a long table facing. I have interrupted their supper. As I look into their eyes I. Then I wake up to find my body again, still. And hell is cold. Hell is beyond zero, beyond. Hell is a place without love. In the morning the weather is cold and clear, the fields around the castle ashen and drained.

Standing on the drawbridge once more we cannot fail to notice that the normally locked. We walk across. Each rune points to one of the columns forming the arris vaults above the twelve windows. At the center of the Hall is a shallow pit containing a disused gas faucet surrounded by twelve. The acoustics of the chamber are such that, standing upon a pedestal, one. The central pit is not designed for. Rather it places an individual at the acoustic focus of the chamber as well as at Heinrich.

The establishment of a local concentration camp provided. Between and the inmates. In the holocaust museum I find the testimony of Joachim Escher, a former inmate of. We had to lower the floor which was made of rock. We worked with drills at. The rock was pretty hard. There were only a dozen prisoners working. If our. And is the tooth with cavities,. And thus it was not so insane, to dig around the tower again. Day and night they drilled. Jordon was an SS of ficer. Even at the end, fleeing.

Macher, like the. Nevertheless, Macher reported. On April 12, , when American soldiers arrived they released a number of. Among the. Wewelsburg so that they might be able to see their uncle Heinrich one final time. She tells me. Within a month, stripped of rank and disguised as an ordinary wehrmacht soldier, Heinrich. Himmler would give himself up to an Allied soldier guarding a bridge who stubbornly refused to. The treasure of the ages was unloaded into the bowels of a nearby abandoned salt mine at.

Merkers where it was examined and catalogued by a group of hand-picked men from the. Ahnenerbe SS. The treasure included thousands of gold coins, some of which dated back to the. Countess Gisela von Westrop, the mistress of. She is known to have carried large suitcases stuffed. Although he lived a life of near poverty his personal vault in the Bank of Brazil. On my return to London things begin to slip. I start to suspect that my telephone is tapped,. Dawn on Lammas finds me on top of the royal mountain looking out over a river choked.

The man from the Solar Temple tells me that his ancestors founded this city. Quebbecois equivalent of the Masons. Just another old boys club founded on highly speculative if. Of course no one likes to talk about them much since they. I am standing with Christian Bernadac beside a small bookstall in the shadow of Notre. With Otto Rahn it would have been easy to create a second or third identity.

It would be necessary, little by. This Rudolf Rahn, during his youth had a brother who died. Rahn made a deal with the head. Rahn ended up becoming the director of. Of course the SS had completely. The end of the century is in sight. To distract the world. Another missile strike destroys a civilian. No one in the West seems to notice let alone care. The Russian bear is on.

British M. Slobodan Milosevitch by dazzling his limo driver with a strobe light. Renegade member of the. All this for the. He is released a week later but within twenty-four hours is. Closer to home, one of my own contacts dies just before I am due to meet him. He was an. His name was Ian.

I spoke with his wife half and hour after it happened. There has been no prior history. Apparently he had been very anxious to talk to me about something. Summer is almost over. The knights have ridden their last joust at Carcassonne. I find myself. I have passed through this town half a. The town is really just a cluster of leaning, unpainted. There are no signs of children or. The porch creaks beneath my feet as I tiptoe around the side of the building,.

Just then one of the shutters bursts open and I realize that the. An unkempt, middle aged man, with blood shot blue eyes,. He initially takes me for a thief or a prowler but I hastily explain that I am researching. He points me in the direction of the neighbouring. It takes me the better part of a week to track down the enigmatic Monsieur Koenig who.

When I get there I am surprised to find that it is the same grotto I slept in some four years. As we huddled next to the fire a. Christian Koenig confounds me by turning up with a set of pan-pipes and proceeding to seat. Echoes linger for longer here than anyone might normally think possible.

Gone and no trace! My research tended to lead me to this topic of Jesus because if one was seeking a grail or grails then at least one should turn up here, either as an object or in text that would stand up to very close scrutiny by scholars world wide. There is little doubt that Jesus the man was a real person, a person that is surrounded by mystery, tall stories and of course the many hidden agendas. No one person or even a whole archaeology department anywhere in the world has in any way got to the truth, whatever that is, on the life and death of the man known as Jesus.

The Church of Rome does have in its archives, hidden information that for one reason or another and best known to themselves stays hidden. It is very unlikely in my lifetime that the Vatican will ever be transparent to the public about all hidden scrolls and text documents that deal with the archaeology and known history of the Holy-land and beyond.

There are always good reasons for this as far as the Church of Rome is concerned, at least in their eyes but with-holding archaeology data and evidence is not one of them. It all comes down to fear of course and they were once very good at installing fear in the followers of the Roman Catholic faith, including their own priest and bishops, now the past is coming back to haunt them.

The poor in the Christian world and who have the faith need God and Rome because it gives them hope. The Church of course needs the poor and obedience from them otherwise it will not survive past the year It started in the past, a half truth. That past starts with the man known as Jesus, not Christ and what was known then as the Jesus Movement, a Jewish religious groups in fact, not Christian. It was after the death of Jesus that political as well as a new formed religion took over and called itself the Christ movement.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, was from a royal race and family of David and she was born in the city of Nazareth then later educated in Jerusalem in the Temple so from my research such a place of learning was not for 'men only. Anna, the mother, was from Bethlehem.

Anything they had in the way of food, animals or money they divided in their community into three parts; one third to the Temple and the officers who ran it, one third to the poor and the last third to themselves. It is more than likely that Mary was a child bride and very young teenager where she went into an 'arranged marriage' that had been set up by the Hebrew priests of the temple.

They were together for twenty years before they had children. This is similar to what priests told young married couples in Ireland up to the 's but in their case they wanted more converts for Rome, even if the parents already had children and found it hard to cope with feeding and clothing them as was so often the case.

The reason why the Church of Rome frowned on birth control is that the possibility of losing six hundred million converts world wide each year was too much for them. Of course if such a comment had been made to Joachim when he was on his own it would have been bad enough but it was done when the temple was packed and a good few of his friends and neighbours were there at the time.

I have known of Catholic priests in Ireland telling their congregation to rule out birth control as it was a sin and that too many young married couples were married too long and childless. Joachim was confused or seemed to be but he would also have felt great embarrassment. That night he did not go home but stayed with some shepherds outside of the town and when he slept he had a dream that his wife would produce a daughter and should be named Mary and should be brought to the temple when she was eleven years old and married when she was twelve.

Then there was Rachel who was married to Jacob and was also barren until she give birth to Joseph who later became the governor of Egypt. Samson and Samuel were also born of 'barren' mothers. Mary was born and when she was three, brought to the temple with offerings and the fifteenth Psalms of degrees thth had 15 stairs to climb because the temple I discovered was built on a hill or small mountain. It would seem by this gospel that Mary, aged three took the stairs to the top with ease. Little did Mary know but according to Jewish Law, she was to be left there with other children of her own age while her parents went home.

It would seem from my research that she did not see her parents again for a long time and had been 'farmed out' to the temple officials. When she reached the age of fourteen years she did have the chance to return home but refused and while other children left she stayed on. The officials at the Temple were more than a little put out that she refused leave because she was, by Jewish Law, at the age where she should be getting married.

It seems it was all sorted out by rods brought by unmarried men who came to the temple and a young Joseph was one of them. Mary and Joseph the carpenter were then married and in time a number of children were born to them, one being Jesus. Of Jesus the child and as a teenager little is known and after his death it was Paul in fact who started it off and in a short time he had no choice but to include the dead Jesus and some of his words and background into this movement and that is how Christianity began.

The new Christ Movement was anti Jewish to a fault and continued to be so for many years. I am concerned only with the archaeology evidence in this research and religion links because to get involved with the long standing religious debate makes things more unclear than they already are.

More like the bed of a stream or river. You can see things on the bottom as long as you don't stir up the mud. Religions in passing from an archaeology point of view do play a part in the research as well as many of the past social groups in the Holy Land. No matter who you are, researching Jesus the man, is rife with contradictions because of poor past and present day interpretation of the evidence, not to mention those people who are more then basis and push the Christian Faith beyond the pale be it truth or fiction.

That of course is their belief but it does little to enhance the facts as I have discovered. One of the problems many people of how a Jew and from the Royal household family at that time could form a group that were later named Christians. Jesus however was a Jew, a Hebrew and that is the course he followed as did most of his followers until his death around 30 AD.

There is some doubt in my mind from the research I carried out if in fact he was in the royal bloodline of David and I suggest that this was not the case from a genetic point of view. The evidence that he remained a Jew is still there and his name, King of the Jews was given to him by the Jewish Priests and Rome as this was their way of demeaning him and the Jesus Movement. Jesus died a Jew and not for Christian dogma as is so often stated even today.

Much could also be said about the Grail and Grail seekers world wide today. The paranormal, psychology, religion and archaeology history all go hand in hand as a suggested formula. To leave such out took away pointers to Holy Land events of that time. In parts of this research there is also natural history research which is only included when and where it is needed to emphasize a point or present as evidence of an event.

Natural history and geology do play a very important part in field archaeology and reading a landscape as it was then rather than what it is now is a gift, but only with training and hands on archaeology. In order to get some idea of what the Holy Land was and is I have researched specific aspects and customs of the peoples here and surrounding areas in pre-biblical, biblical and post biblical history.

Without such background information on Agriculture, baths as well as bathing, burial, embalming, cult objects, forts, houses, inscriptions, metals, monastery set up, seals, roads, synagogues, writing and trade there would be little point in the archaeology research into Jesus. Also time-lines for the span of Jesus birth and death is very important as well. There were many civilizations involved in and around the Holy Land some of them in place by BC.

It was the Mesopotamia that produced the very first civilization city and state in BC on the banks and delta of the Nile. In the two horns of what is known as the Fertile Crescent, progress within was important with Syria-Palestine at its centre. Both these did benefit from such progress but also became victims of invasion and wars.

The Assyrians and Babylonians came from the east and headed south, Egyptians came from the south east and going north but the most important group were the Semites who came from the south end of the Arabian Desert where they mingled or displaced the local Neolithic peoples of Palestine.

When the second invasive wave of Semites came it was the Amorites then later followed by the Armenians which brought the very early Hebrew tribes. It must be kept in mind at all times that Christianity is a young religion, years only and overshadowed by some of the much older ones as well as cultures and societies of peoples. Therefore the history of the Holy Land is complex and not pure but had been and still is multi cultural that went wrong because it never worked or never will.

What in fact happens is not only the people are imported or invade but they bright with them many other things, religions being the curse of all nations when it is tested to the full. With such cultures and societies came parts or whole characters and alphabets which can be viewed below. In many cases such alphabets were later taken and parts used in other writings therefore giving clues to social culture contact over the years BC. It is of course the interpretation of such that leads to difficulty for the archaeologist or other scholars of history.

Archaeology and forensic archaeology still needs to continue the work into Pre-Semitic history and more so with a close look at Palestine though at the moment that is still impossible due to wars and conflict. It is a coastal strip of which invaders marched, a mountain spine, the deep Cleft of the Jordan valley Dead Sea rift, with all three areas running north to south.

In the east beyond the rift is now nothing but desert. The strip ends well south of the modern city of Haifa where the ridge of mountains meets the sea. Here, coastal route does turn inland at a pass where the fortress of Megiddo or Armageddon crosses the Plain of Jezreel and then fords the River Jordan on the road to Damascus. This was the main crossroads lie and was used by many in the past. It was at these crossroads that the tribes of history passed and sometimes re-passed but always leaving some evidence behind them that they had indeed been there.

Signs and symbols were a good part of artefact evidence some of which I have place on the following pages. Note the similar symbols throughout the ages and in different tribes above. First there needs to be an understanding of what in fact sign and symbols were and are.

I deal here with Middle East signs and symbols. Symbol means sign, mark token, recognition and from the Greek to throw all together Early on it was one half symbol and the other part when found and joined would in fact give a meaning or word. In other words if we look at today's symbols they mean one of two things, something that represents or denotes something else. The symbol of an owl may look like the bird but could mean also wisdom as in Wise Owl. From an archaeology point of view when interpretation is needed for such past signs and symbols it is not the modern mind that must interpret what he or she thinks it is, but what it means in prehistory.

The main function of all signs and symbols is Communication. The first was very primitive cave drawings and paintings staring around 25, years ago but it was not until BC it was then language started to appear with the very first scripts being pictorial. Then came sign and symbol evolution which I suggest was like this. The earliest written records from this area was found at Nippur and only because clay tablets were discovered.

They were dated at around c. An example of this is the Sumerian word fish Ha, but could also mean may and the same signs were used for both words. At least 25 logo grams were used as determinative and placed before other signs but not pronounced indicated the class of object or being to which the spoken signs belonged. Although cuneiform looks complicated it was highly successful at the time and was used by the Akkadians, Babylonians, and much later by the Assyrians who simplified them and made them more square.

Baked clay for the most is imperishable therefore many good examples of cuneiforms survived and found but I suggest many more will be found. Early pictogram. Late pictogram s. From BC the use of the cuneiform in Mesopotamia was beginning to decline in use but was kept alive and in use by priests and many scholars and the last known records are 75 AD.

It is this last group of cuneiform writing that suggests that there may well be others and some have been hidden away which may well give us more insight if not to Jesus the Man, then the history of his time and beyond for 75 years. Where better than in Egypt or Rome, maybe both? The New Testament version somehow does not give the full story of what really happened and I have included part of it here for reference.

The New Testament data. The depiction of Jesus suggests that he was largely a law-abiding and highly nationalistic Jew, and a man with strong ethical concerns. Like many of Judaism's great rabbis though Jesus was never a rabbi, he saw love of a neighbour as religion's central demand. Though many Christians are under the impression that he opposed Judaism's emphasis on law, in actuality he criticized anyone who advocated dropping it.

The prevailing School of Hillel taught that divorce was permitted for any reason, while the School of Shammai permitted it in cases of sexual misconduct the position later attributed to Jesus in the New Testament Matthew The subsequent Catholic ban on all divorce seems to represent an even stricter legal standard than the one Jesus established.

Today the European Courts for Human Rights is in a real dilemma of how to resolve this issue where religions are involved world wide, but more so with Catholics. A perennially interesting, though probably unanswerable, question is how Jesus regarded himself. Did he see himself as the Messiah? I am of the option that Jesus the man and a Jew would not even have considered this nor for the sake of ego would himself pushed the idea onto others.

Gandhi likewise never considered himself a Messiah though he was looked on by many as a great man. Contemporary believers usually think of the Messiah as a wholly spiritual figure. Then, it meant a military leader who would free the Jews from foreign i. A century after Jesus, many Jews accepted the military general, Bar Kokhba as the Messiah, although even his greatest supporter, Rabbi Akiva made no claims regarding his spiritual greatness. Indeed, it was precisely because of the military association with the word "Messiah" that the occupying Roman authorities must have seen Jesus as dangerous and decided to crucify him.

Parts of this sign and the cross were to be named as the Grail. Jesus' nationalism, which occasionally spilled over into an unpleasant chauvinism, is illustrated by a story in Matthew: "Jesus withdrew to the region of Tyre and Sidon. My daughter is tormented by a devil. And his disciples went and pleaded with him. The woman in question of course knew the wisdom of it. She retorted, 'Ah, yes, sir; but even house-dogs can eat the scraps that fall from their master's table.

Let your wish be granted"' Matthew Concerning Jesus' executioner, Pontius Pilate, we have a considerable body of data that contradicts the largely sympathetic portrayal of him in the New Testament. Even among the long line of cruel procurators who ruled Judea, Pilate stood out as a notoriously vicious man.

He eventually was replaced after murdering a group of Samaritans: The Romans realized that keeping him in power would only provoke continual rebellions. Like most fictions, the story was created with a purpose in mind. When the New Testament was written, Christianity was banned by Roman law.

The Romans, were well aware that they had executed the founder of the Jesus Movement. Indeed the reference to Jesus' crucifixion by the Roman historian Tacitus is among the earliest allusions to him outside the New Testament had no reason to rescind their anti-Christian legislation. Thus, the New Testament depicts Pilate as wishing to spare Jesus from punishment, only to be stymied by a large Jewish mob yelling, "Crucify him.

Pilate's power in Judea was absolute. Had he wanted to absolve Jesus, he would have done so: He certainly would not have allowed a mob of Jews, whom he detested, to force him into killing someone whom he admired. Crucifixion itself, a Roman form of execution, was forbidden by Jewish law because it was torture, something of a fact that many Christians today fail to take on board.

Some 50, to , Jews were themselves crucified by the Romans in the first century. Is there a Jewish consensus on how Jews are to regard Jesus? Perhaps not, but in recent decades many Jewish scholars have tended to view him as one of several first- and second-century Jews who claimed to be the Messiah, and who attempted to rid Judea of its Roman oppressors.

However, almost no Jewish scholars believe that Jesus intended to start a new religion. Were Jesus to return today, most Jews believe, he undoubtedly would feel more at home in a synagogue than a church. I tend to agree with this. An increasing number of Jewish scholars believe that Christianity real founder was another first-century Jew, Paul. With the evidence in my research I am of the opinion that this in fact was the case. Most statements attributed to Jesus in the New Testament conform to Jewish teachings.

This is, of course, not surprising, since Jesus generally practised Pharisaic rabbinic Judaism. However, at least three innovative teachings ascribed to Jesus diametrically oppose Jewish teachings. Jesus forgives all sins: "The Son of man has the authority on earth to forgive sins" Matthew Judaism believes that God Himself only forgives those sins committed against Him.

The belief that Jesus can forgive all sins is fraught with moral peril. Some fifteen hundred years after he lived, Protestant reformer Martin Luther writing in the spirit of Jesus' statement, taught: "Be a sinner and sin vigorously; but even more vigorously believe and delight in Christ who is victor over sin, death and the world It is sufficient that we recognize through the wealth of God's glory the lamb who bears the sins of the world; from this sin does not sever us, even if thousands, thousands of times in one day we should fornicate or murder" letter to Philip Melanchthon, August 1, Jesus' attitude toward evil people: "Offer the wicked man no resistance.

On the contrary, if anyone hits you on the right cheek, offer him the other as well" Matthew and "Love your enemies and pray for your persecutors" Matthew The Torah commands that one offer the wicked man powerful resistance: "You shall burn the evil out from your midst" Deuteronomy Elsewhere, the Torah approvingly records Moses' killing of a brutal Egyptian overseer who was beating a Jewish slave. Jesus' claim that people can come to God only through him: "No one knows the Father except the Son, and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal Him" Matthew The implication of this statement and the continuing belief of many fundamental Protestants is that only one who believes in Jesus can come to God.

Judaism holds that anyone can come to God; as the Psalmist teaches: "God is near to all who call unto Him" Psalms My own research has looked at the Old and New Testament and it suggests that the crime that Jesus was supposed to have committed was to be known as 'King of the Jews' and leader of a new Jewish Movement not in anyway a Christian one because there were no Christians at the time of Jesus and his crucifixion. It was in fact the Romans who arrested him, not the Jews though I suspect a few high ranking Jewish priests were pleased with the result.

Punished and sentenced to death by crucifixion by the Romans but backed by some well heeled and powerful Jewish Priests but carried out by the Romans, the body of Jesus would still have been under strict Jewish laws as well as his family and followers in removing and washing the body before sunset. There would have been sense of panic from family members and others in that community. In those times there was and still is 39 forbidden activities.

This would mean that the Friday Jesus died on the cross at around 3. I should point out here that you needed to be well heeled and have connections to have a tomb. This tomb must have been a family tomb but well outside the city walls. If that was the case then it was into the soft stone in a rocky hill side and had two chambers.

Once this ritual was carried out the body would be wrapped in a shroud and placed on its back in the outer chamber and the entrance sealed with a large stone pushed into place by a number of people. In most cases of Jewish burials like this, a full year would pass before the bones were cleaned and moved into the second chamber but with no hint of any flesh or tissue on the bones.

Such ossuaries were used by family generations over the years and most times the name of the last body in would be placed on the outside of the tomb, engraved into the soft stone. The tomb in question was said to be on loan by Joseph of Arimathea. I have a problem with this tomb loan suggestion and that is why a normal burial did not take place at least till the Sabbath was finished then the body moved to a more permanent location. Many archaeologists living in the west somehow fail to take on board the many types of burial that did take place in the Holy Land and even into the time of Jesus.

Ritual burial in the Holy Land took many forms of which I feel and of the opinion needs to be addressed. Like all groups in the Middle East, the belief in an after-life was real and not new. It is as old as the first human being who could think and reason.

From this observation then as far as the Holy Land burials were concerned from BC to 33AD attention was always given to how the body would be placed in the grave or tomb and where that would be. The earliest burials recorded were from the Middle Palaeolithic Period in Palestine. The Mousterian culture buried their dead in pits and sometimes but not always, coving the body with stones. Such was found at Mount Carmel with the body placed in a contracted position, knees drawn up and the hands place near the breast.

A few funerary objects were placed close to the remains. Many hundreds of burials of the Natufian Mesolithic culture have been discovered and during this period the internments were of 2 types. This could well be collective or single internment.

The women and sometimes men, wore pendants, necklaces, anklets which were made from shell or bone. Some skeletons were painted red. Once the Neolithic period advanced, new burial customs also came into play, with skulls buried in the floor parts of houses as found in Jericho but Megalithic monuments were also erected which in fact was the dolmen or table grave.

The tomb itself was covered with small stones and soil. The date put on them at the moment was BC. In the tombs linked to them single and double burials were found to have taken place. All the bones were detached. The opening was large enough to insert a skull and some bones then a door was closed over.

Cyst Pits graves were also common during this time. Funeral rites and culture moved forwards with graves in the Holy Land being built more carefully than human dwellings. The burials were single or collective and shaft graves were now common. Such a shaft would lead deep underground to a burial chamber.

Each such tomb would have pottery vessels and many were tea pot jugs, plates bowls and cups. At Babe dh-Dhra there is at least 20, such tombs as well as shaft graves. Some of the tombs here were stone lined and stone roofed and one shaft did lead to a number of burial chambers. Pots in such chambers were placed around the walls while in the centre of the floor the bones were piled.

A charnel house was also found here in this area and was mud brick 35 x 17 feet. There were many skulls at the door way and inside mixed layers of pottery and bones. In the same area at a later date cairn burials were now taking place which was no more than a shallow pit in which a body was placed with some goods and pottery and then filled in with stones but showed slightly above the ground surface.

There may well be a link here to design and use to those cairn burial sites in the UK and Ireland. The body would be placed on its back with the knees raised and with each new burial the bones of the last were moved to one side. Cumuli were also scattered over the hills but very few have been excavated.

A stone cyst on a bed of flat stone was found, 3x 5 feet x 3 feet, the body had been laid on flat stones with a jar and some grinding stones near by. The Tumulus was made up of stones and earth and was raised over the grave to a height of 15 feet. The diameter was 14 feet. By the time Hyksos ruled Palestine a new type of burial was now in place. This was dead warriors and their horses were interned together. Weapons and pottery were also placed in the burial area. Tombs now were made up of a shaft and sloping towards the grave which led to a well rounded or square burial chamber and over pottery shards have been recovered from one tomb.

Then came the multi-chamber tomb with an open court from which steps led into an underground anti-chamber where on the walls were high ledges for placing the body. Forty four such burial places were found in one area. Mainly burial caves but not many and range from small family tombs to large catacombs for the rich or Royalty.

In time fancy tombs were built inside of caves but also as a stand alone tomb with underground passages and chambers. Large Jewish necropolis was also built at this time along side the less formal burials. Some of the shafts could run as deep as 20 feet into a burial chamber and both were lined with dressed stone. In such, there would always be a wooden coffin. As I have suggested by my research above then the burial place, if he was buried, would be linked to one of the above burial practices of the time.

There would be no getting away from this evidence but one thing I do know from the evidence research data is that a special or personal tomb was not designed for the body of Jesus in the Holy Land. The outside of the tomb had a round ring symbol on it with an upside- down chevron surrounding the ring.

Inside under the slit were 3 skulls that had been placed there, almost at the entrances of the 3 burial niches. There is evidence that before the discovery and many years before, the tomb had been broken into by tomb robbers who removed artefacts such as the normal oil lamps of the time, glass bottles that may have held perfume and clay tea pot like jugs.

I would suggest that some bones were also removed for the moment the reasons unknown. The real possibility that bones or skulls had been added at a later date cannot be dismissed. If one or more of these bones were taken there is no good forensic evidence that supports that they could be linked to Jesus or other members of his family though whoever took them may indeed thought that were one of the 'grails' much looked for.

If the bone box contained any remains of Joseph of Arimathea then he was placed here after the death of Jesus many years later and this tomb may well have been his family tomb as suggested by others. Marianne was Mary Magdalene real name but may also have been known as Maraas the Greek inscription suggests.

Another bone box had the name Matia on it which suggests Matthew but not known if it is Matthew the Gospel writer. The main box that throws a spanner in the works is the one marked Judah, son of Jesus, and this being a very small ossuary which does suggest made for a child. I would suggest that the Joseph mentioned is not the father of Jesus because it is more than likely he died and was buried in Nazareth and not Jerusalem, and not ending up in the Talpiot tomb.

There is not any evidence to support this was in fact the tomb of Jesus of the bible. From a forensic point of view the finding of the tomb due to building construction and of course surrounding destruction scattered or lost forensic evidence including bones and bone fragments. The IAA, Israel Antiquities Authority were more than slow to move on the discovery on March 28th , a Friday and as it was getting close to the Sabbath with sunset a few hours away no one was sent till the Sunday.

In the meantime, the tomb entrance was open for anyone who wanted to enter could and children nearby discovered skulls and bits of bone and were in fact throwing them around. The area was in fact little more now than an open cast mine or new building site with materials being used for roads. All that was left of the skulls was brow ridges and bone fragments with a few teeth. Two of the skulls were smashed into many fragments. The courtyard was placed at 15 feet wide and to the north of this; a wall had been wrecked by the work crew a few days before.

The entrance to the anti-chamber was carved into the north wall, the seal pointing the way down to a much larger chamber. Skull fragments were mixed together here with disturbed soil and rubble, a forensic and archaeology nightmare in fact. The skulls found however in the anti-chamber had not been buried according to Jewish practice of the times. I found this to be odd and well out of normal Jewish practices around 30 to 80 AD.

Somehow, something is not right here be it the skulls or the type of burial. The IAA did not move onto the site until dawn on the Sunday and though work had been stopped much outer damage had been done. Pressure was of course on the IAA because all work had been stopped and time lost to the construction workers was also money lost.

Instead of having months, even weeks the evidence gathering to a few days at the most. The inside of the tomb to be mapped and photographed as well as the sign above the door V and possible Y with a circle in the middle. It should be noted that the inside of the tomb was damp and mouldy as well as a possible health risk to those in the archaeology field working in there.

The floor was covered in deep red mud. See above Jews in 1AD to AD did not leave the remains of family members outside a tomb to rot away and be picked over by black kites or dogs. Inside the ossuary niches were now discovered under the red mud as well as two arched burial shelves.

There is without doubt that such were the primary sites. They were cut into the stone on the north and west walls of the tomb. A few that were removed on site were inscribed in Aramaic linked to Hebrew, Hebrew, but linked to Latin and one in Greek. A skull was also discovered inside the tomb but somehow seemed out of place where it was found for it was not on any shelf or part of an ossuary.

Where the first skull was discovered two more were found also making the number of 3 of skulls in a place they should not have been. The circle above the door suggested a royal bloodline but I suggest was a blank and never finished. If it had been the family tomb of Jesus it would have been even if Jesus had not been interned there.

It was here that one of the skulls had been found earlier by children playing. The three skulls that had been found inside and not in a place where one would expect to find them ,seemed to have been placed there at a much later date but placed as some sort of sign or symbol.

Such bones or fragments could not be classified as The Grail unless someone was sure who they belonged to. So far this has not happened. It was possible to extract DNA data from the skulls and bone fragments to see if there was in fact a genetic family link to the remains but this was not carried out for some reason.

Of course that will not stop people writing books and papers on the tomb but what I ask is in their evidence that they are going to present to the public eye and ear? Expect it to be added to of course, like the unmarked boxes in the tomb and skulls, to the Knights Templars, Alien bodies interned after a spaceship crash, a hidden grail and King Arthur, and a long dead female Egyptian Goddess who turns out to be male or vice versa.

Nothing like a clear and focused mind when it comes down to archaeology and history where truth and evidence is needed! Data on the Dead Sea Scrolls past and present presents some vital clues to the thinking then as well as interpretation of such which I had to include below.

The Scroll Data could not be left out of the Grail research. Questions may well be asked were the scrolls written or re-rewritten before the death of Jesus or after when the Christ Movement was in full swing because Jesus became 'Christ' after his death not before? The scribes who wrote the scrolls may well have been making copies of the very old originals or parts of them. No doubt this will be found in the style of letters and the written word itself.

My own research into the Dead Sea Scrolls and Copper Scrolls started ten years ago and what started as a major Archaeology Research Project became also a major forensic investigation into all the details. It had all the makings of a good detective story as I uncovered details of misconduct, politics of the worse kind, maybe even murder, shady deals, good and bad archaeology practice, political intervention, fraud, and reputations ruined and made all because of the archaeology finds at Qumran and there-after.

Move over Dan Brown! Archaeology Departments world-wide became hostile to others and more so if they had any material from cave 1, from now on known as 1Q and the others later discovered as 2Q, 3Q, and so on. In the beginning it started off as a battle for content of scroll fragments later to become a war. I suspect also that somewhere in the dry sands of the Qumran area there are modern day human bones to be yet discovered and foul play should not be ruled out and at least three shallow graves.

There were a number of people for such a shallow grave in the beginning of this scroll saga. In the lighting of the stage set, a great shadow of the Church of Rome loomed and elsewhere, more religious shadows fought for a place in the lime-light or take centre stage if and when they got the chance.

There were many who wanted the chance, dead bodies or murdered reputations mattered little to them as long as they reached their own personal goal and had a paper published or got rich on stolen scroll fragments as well as fraud. In this research at first I wanted to avoid going over old ground about the Dead Sea and Copper Scrolls. This in a short time became impossible because to get the full story I needed to take a hard look again at all the data that I had and in doing so discovered much more than scrolls and scroll fragments.

So for this part of my research I had to re-write and re-think the research. Therefore I have had to list all my research data and include it here. His friend who he brought to 1Q later removed a few more scrolls and from here the archaeology world became involved as well as religious groups. There is still much debate in which months the cave was discovered along with the first scrolls and fragments.

I would suggest early March The summer of has also been put forward by some archaeology field workers and not the winter. This would not be the case as flocks of goats and sheep would need tending once in spring more so than in summer and the lambs already born. Took the scrolls he had obtained from the Bedouin to the Syrian Convent of St. Mark in the Old City Jerusalem. He was now alerted that there might be more scrolls to be uncovered in 1Q and worth something so he and a friend, GEORGE, went back to the 1Qcave and collected a number of larger fragments.

They wanted to cut out the middle man and fast. It was then that they let the Syrian authorities of St. Marks into their secret. That is, from my research, the first scrolls found, the fragments later and more than likely scrolls from 1Q. Was not a Hebrew scholar but his monastery did contain many old text scripts before he came in contact with the Dead Sea Scrolls out of 1Q.

St Marks Monastery is known to have a vast collection of ancient documents from past history and seeing the scrolls for the first time was aware that they were important to someone. He first came in contact with the scrolls from 1Q in April but it was not until July that he requested Kando see above along with George Isaiah to set up a meeting with him with the two young youths who first found the scrolls in 1Q and to bring them and the scrolls to St.

The two young Arab teenagers did in fact turn up at the gates of St. There is little doubt from my research that these two young men did in fact have at least 4 scrolls with them, maybe more fragments and were angry when they left the gates of St. It would have been more than an insult to the Bedouin men because not only had they come a long way by requests from Kando and Isaiah, but on getting there were dismissed out of hand by the people on the gate.

Both young men it seems, refused to have anything more to do with Kando and Isaiah and one of them, name not known, sold his share of the scrolls to a local dealer in the City of Bethlehem. This Dealer I was to learn was a Jewish merchant inside the Jaffa Gate and wanted to buy more such scrolls if they could be found and for a good price. George Isaiah however did persuade the Arab youths to refuse such an offer but again come with him in two weeks to St.

Kando however was able to buy the remaining scrolls later of the other man then sold them on to Samuel at St. Marks There were 5 scrolls in all but one was badly damaged. The 5th scroll was reported broken in two. Samuel then sent George Isaiah and one of his priests, Father Yusef with him back to 1Q cave where they would work only at night because of army patrols in the area and this they did, finding another jar of scrolls and fragments as well of other scrolls that have never been seen.

There is little doubt in my mind that Samuel bought all what was found at a price and George Isaiah went away a happy man to the bank. Samuel needed to know the real age of the scrolls he now had so he himself went to see a Syrian expert Stephen Hanna Stephen who worked in the Department Of Antiquities in Palestine but Archbishop Samuel was advised later by him that the scrolls he had control off were of a resent date and not as old as he himself thought.

This is not surprising of course I discovered, because Stephen worked in the field of Arab history and had little knowledge of Hebrew archaeology if any at all. Within a year it was very hard to tell the good guys from the bad, who was screwing who and for how much? Marmadji about the scrolls he had and was under the impression that the good Father would at lease have some knowledge seeing he was a well known Arabist and from the French Dominican School of Archaeology.

Father Marmadji was as much use to Samuel at that moment in time as a wet mere cat in a snake pit. Father Marmadji no doubt disappointed and his ego taking a knock he then looked up another expert, a Dutch Scholar, Father J. The Dutch scholar was then sent for and came to view the said scrolls who almost at once was able to state that the largest scroll was that of the book of Isaiah.

Samuel no doubt was delighted because this Dutch scholar was well known and worked in the Ecole Biblique et Archaeology Francaise de Jerusalem which was run by Dominican Monks but paid in part at that time by the French Government. Again he was told by the Dutch expert on scrolls and old text that the Scrolls Samuel had passed to him to examine were not old text and dismissed him out of hand.

It would have been like a slap in the face with a wet fish for the Archbishop that day. Little did this Dutch expert in fact know that he had a priceless number of old scrolls in his fingers but lost them because he failed to look at them closely and by closely I mean very close. This Dutch expert did know two things. Samuel was no archaeology expert but he was in no way stupid and he knew that he had something of value.

Money rather than history was his thinking. By mid September Samuel was fed up trying to get an age of his scrolls so arranged one last meeting with his own supervisor in the Syrian church at Homs. This Church in Homs is north of Damascus. By now I suspect Archbishop Samuel was beginning to feel more than stressed out and running around in small and large circles. He was now getting close to becoming paranoid in his strong belief that what he had was of great value. What went on between Samuel and his supervisor behind closed doors we may never know, but something did and I am now of the opinion that funding was on hand for Samuel for him to form a working party and carry out more work in 1Q at Qumran and obtain anything of interest.

It is here from my research that the plot thickens because what went on behind those closed doors in Damascus was not just between Samuel and his supervisor. There was also a mass of 35mm photographs taken of fragments and scrolls.

Before I go into this I was impressed by Millar Burrows version of what happen once the first scrolls were discovered and Samuel and a few others got involved. Millar Burrows is no slough when it comes to Near East archaeology and more so the archaeology of the Holy Land. His version was in dairy form and was more upfront in his observations and comments than many of the other people involved. Palestine and Israel would soon be at loggerheads and internal conflict was soon rife with shootings with bombings taking place daily and movements of people restricted.

Burrows knew the area well and its history. Burrows thought that the first scrolls were found by the two youths from the Taamirah tribe was in late February or early March The Archbishop who we already know stated that he first heard of the scrolls in the month of Nisan which I suggest is April and not March, Father van der Ploeg seen them in July. Khalil Eskander and George Isaiah is said by Burrows to have brought one of the scrolls to Archbishop Samuel to view, the Archbishop was puzzled because the writing was not Syriac but Hebrew.

Then he broke off a small piece of scroll and burned it , by the smell of the smoke he was able to tell it was leather and not parchment. The Archbishop Samuel then had a phone call from Khalil Eskander the merchant in Bethlehem who stated that there were now three Bedouins with scrolls with him as he spoke.

For some reason the Archbishop did not see the three men because Eskander sent them directly to George Isaiah, the Jerusalem merchant who was the one who took the men to the monastery to meet Samuel and is in the first version were turned away by a priest who did not like the look of the group.

From my point of view, both versions about the turning away from the monastery seem to match except that George Isaiah was with the two young men in the second version. There were also three men with George Isaiah not two as in the first version. Archbishop Samuel was more than a little annoyed when he found out what had happened at the Monastery gate and phoned Eskander right away and not George Isaiah for some reason.

Eskander informed the Archbishop that two of the men had now left their scrolls with him for safe keeping but the third man, unhappy the way he had been treated by Christians, took his share of the scrolls to the Muslim sheikh at Bethlehem and sold them. It may well be that this was the part of a scroll that was later obtained, for a price, by Professor Sukenik of the Hebrew University sometime in November At this moment in time you could say that tensions between Muslims and Jews were high and the area was a dangerous one to be, no matter what side you were on.

This suggests from my research that the scrolls that Samuel was presented on that day were the real thing and not copies made in the last 50 years past but copies all the same. It seems that by now that the question of the scrolls was going to get much more complicated and at least three groups of people were involved if not more.

While all this was going on, Professor E. Sukenik was in the USA and it was November 25th that he himself first learnt of a fragment of a scroll. It was shown to him by an antiquities dealer and was asked directly would he buy the scroll that it came from. Sukenik I suggest may have thought it was a forgery but said yes and four days later he arranged to have the dealer bring the scrolls or scroll to him. This was duly done and the dealer did turn up with help to carry the two jars and scrolls and scroll fragments.

Sukenik did not waste much time because he knew what he was looking at was real and old. Money changed hands quickly and once everyone had gone Sukenik wasted no time moving jars and scrolls from Bethlehem to the much safer Jewish Jerusalem. Sukenik felt safe now, excited even but was not aware that Archbishop Samuel also had scrolls and only fund out by chance in December the same year. The news came from a Liberty assistant that by chance had made a visit to the Monastery and heard about the scrolls there.

It would seem that the scrolls had been kept from him for at least four to five months while he was in the USA working. What did turn up in my research that in January Sukenik did get a letter from Anton Kiraz, a member of the Syrian Orthodox Church no less, and informed Sukenik in that letter that he had some old manuscripts that he would like him to look at closely. Things being unhealthy and very dangerous in the Arab and Jewish quarters the meeting took place in the YMCA which was in Military Zone B where passes were issued to the city.

Sukenik and Kiraz met and the Sukenik was surprised and delighted that what Kiraz had brought with him matched parts of the scrolls he already had and Kiraz did admit that the came from a cave in the Dead Sea area, Kiraz had indeed been to the cave. Kiraz had Sukenik hooked and he offered to sell the manuscripts to the Hebrew University and said he would also like to meet the Archbishop to work out the financial terms of the deal. As for Sukenik he was allowed to borrow three of the scrolls for two days and he arranged for a number of columns to be copied which I should add he later published, from the Isaiah manuscript.

Sukenik is said to have returned the borrowed scrolls on the 6th February to Kiraz and then was shown two others which belonged to the Manual of Discipline. Archbishop Samuel had more plans afoot and he got George Isaiah to get the two young men who found the first scrolls to take him to the cave Q1.

When he got to the cave it seems there were more scrolls, some damaged of course and one undamaged one. Somehow the Archbishop had one Father Yusef go to the cave again and remove any fragments and any scrolls he could find.

The large jar he left as it was too heavy to move. Samuel and his boss had their main meeting but after that they had another meeting behind closed doors and without the two Arab youths. Also present at that meeting and arrived at the same time as Samuel was a Miles Copeland and his wife Lorraine Copeland. This may well have been the third man that had been at the Monastery but was turned away by the priest as well as his two other friends.

If Copeland had been anyway good at his job he would have known that the man was either an Egyptian or a Syrian. Miles Copeland was in the CIA at the time and was also known to be part of the Seed Plant Project as well as being party to the overthrow or attempted overthrow of the Syrian leader General huk Husni-Alzaim in In time these seeds would become a bitter harvest and still going on today.

The Arab and Jews were soon at another's throats soon afterwards.

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Forex holy grail golden eagle edition jeep Can Rick and Corey successfully campaign to secure the Presidential timepiece or will he refuse to negotiate? Among the place-names mentioned in this Scroll in connection with the sequestration of the various items are places near Jericho itself also mentioned by namethe Wadi Achor, and a specific place within the Wadi Qidron which according to recent discoveries by Israeli archaeologists was evidently one of the Wadi's whereby inhabitants of Jerusalem fled, during the Roman siege of 70 C. Tombs now were made up of a shaft and sloping towards the grave which led to a well rounded or square burial chamber and over pottery shards have been recovered from one tomb. Phrygianum, the vast temple that once stood on the site of the present-day Vatican. In Greek Mythology it is known as Deucalion's Flood, they place of where Atlantis is said to have vanished. The atmosphere in the.
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Forex holy grail golden eagle edition jeep He initially takes me for a thief or a prowler but I hastily explain that I am researching. Can Rick and Corey successfully campaign forex holy grail golden eagle edition jeep secure the Presidential timepiece or will he refuse to negotiate? I think he was looking for a kind of religion and perhaps he found it in nature Description The history of money-lending dates back thousands of years. Back on dry land again on the other side, our trip back to the headquarters took us along a raised road through some aquaculture ponds and we managed to add a few more species here including Chinese Pond Heron, Common Kingfisher, Black-shouldered Kite, Siberian Stonechat, Yellow Wagtail and Spotted Redshank.
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Forex holy grail golden eagle edition jeep Demostration at Cu Chi Tunnels Our guide, Hoang, demonstrating one of the nasty booby traps Another nasty boobytrap Inside the tunnels This was a day not to get on Margaret's wrong side It is the. Although cuneiform looks complicated it was highly successful at the time and was used by the Akkadians, Babylonians, and much later by the Assyrians who simplified them and made them more square. Organised religions over the last two thousand years has brought nothing but confusion, anger and hate to the world, power struggles of the inner mind of the forex holy grail golden eagle edition jeep mammal. In winter these storm.
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There is no exaggeration in his words. This is a very powerful and reliable trading tool. As I told you earlier, I have been trading for years already and learnt many forex strategies and theories. The most exciting and inspiring for him was to learn and apply trading techniques by a well known trader and mathematician of the past Mr.

William D. Gann was a legendary trader who developed several unique tools for the price movement analysis. He created a unique and very complex combination of mathematical and geometric principles of analysis. Gann's methods for the time axis. It uses past market reversal points and applies the mathematical formula for the method and then makes projections into the future.

A date and time where future projections line up is called a time cluster. These time clusters are calculated by the indicator. A time cluster will result in a market reversal point forming after the signal. Though the method itself is pretty powerful, he decided to go further and added support and resistance levels based on W. Gann to make the indicator's signals as accurate as possibe.

He believes the combination of these two accurate price predictions methods can provide much better results when applied together. Some time ago he made an update to this version of the indicator. The algorithm was improved and it now allows using the indicator with any pair and any time frame. You can use it for scalping, day trading and long term trading.

Just look at the screenshots he made with the Golden Eagle. This is still the same Golden Eagle indicator you have seen in the video above but with some improvements. Now indicator also provides re-entry signals and instead of arrows it plots red and green stars on charts. These are recent screenshots below which represent different time frames and trading pairs.

The ability to generate re-entry signals makes trading easier and more convenient. In case you miss a signal you will have the opportunity to ride it some time later when appropriate and the indicator will tell you when the right moment for re-entry is. In most cases the price will retrace back to the entry point at least once which makes those re-entry signals are of high importance and useful.

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This add-on module is based on sound classic universal trading theory and Volume Spread Analysis. About Volume Spread Analysis. First developed by Richard D. Wyckoff, one of the most successful Wall Street traders of all time, in the s, and perfected by Tom Williams, during the time he was a syndicate trader for 15 years based in London in the ss. It's based on supply and demand, which governs any market, and not anything else: no technical indicators, no price patterns, just pure price and volume action.

Any business where there is money to be made there are professionals: Art has professional traders, poker has professional players, betting has professional betters, and likewise financial markets have professional traders. Being successful in the markets is all about following the footsteps of the 'sharks' of this game: market operators, pit traders, market-makers, syndicate traders and top professional traders.

The purpose of VSA is to show you what the professionals are doing by analyzing the price movements and volumes, and profit with that knowledge! VSA can be used in all markets and with different time-frames, the trader just needs a volume histogram in his price charts. In some markets like the stock market or the futures market, actual transaction volumes are available, yet in other markets - like forex which isn't centralized - actual volume numbers are not available.

However, this doesn't mean that a trader can't analyze foreign exchange market volumes, he must simply analyze the volume observed on each tick. Forex volume can be represented by the amount of activity observed in each bar or candlestick. One must keep in mind that the big professional traders are heavily involved if there is a lot of activity on a candlestick.

Conversely, a low level of activity means that professional traders are abstaining from the movement. Each scenario can have implications on the balance of supply and demand, thereby helping the trader identify a probable direction of the market in the short to medium term.

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All you need is follow the signals. That's it! Look at how the Universal Trader works. Alex has another component of his system to show you. And this system's module is worth of thousands! He calls it a Swing Trader. It will work with any forex pair and other financial instruments. First of all this module is used for swing trading on D1 and H4 time frame. Just look at the screenshots below to see how accurate my Swing Trader is. Just watch the video below and see how accurate the.

Alex used the in-built signals filter in the indicator shown in the video below. You can increase and decrease the sensitivity of the indicator by changing only one parameter. Just imagine your possibilities on higher time frames for which it was originally designed. Look again at the screenshots above from H4 and Daily charts. These are real signals! If you prefer day trading and scalping, no problem, you still can use this tool successfully.

But that's not all. You can use this tool for exits too. For most traders it is difficult to find a good and timely exit point for their trades. Please look at the screenshots below. New Version Available! Now there is a new version available which Alex calls the Swing Trader Gold.

It does not mean it is designed for Gold trading, though you can easily do this with this tool. This version has the "Gold" in the name because it is really now a true money making machine. It now can be used with lower time frames as well. Simply look at the two screenshots below. By the way now you can also scalp with the Swing Trader tool on lower time frames.

Please look at a couple of recent screenshots below. Moreover Alex have written a mini course on how to trade with this new tool. He teaches how to do this effectively. All his clients are going to receive this new amazing tool from him including the special trading guide. Enjoy the true power of the Swing Trading! The Miracle of Forex Trading. Now it is time to show you something new and amazing! Alex promised his clients to provide ongoing support and tools. He promised them to give more than they expect to get.

This is actually what he likes most - providing true big value to all his clients who put their trust in him. He is happy to introduce another great module to you which He calls the Miracle of Forex Trading. Let me introduce my miracle tools to you. NEW Golden Eagle v4. Here is how it looks on the chart. See the screenshots below. This tool is based on his method used to detect reversals. This indicator employs market volume analysis. The idea of the indicator is to predict the moment when the volume of the price is big enough during certain period of time.

It also uses support and resistance levels calculated with the help of volume as well. He called ones as volume support and resistance. So the price needs to fulfill some certain volume requirements and meet one of volume support and resistance levels. These levels are formed in real time. Once all conditions are met, it generates an arrow: Green or Red. When we see a green arrow, it means this is a BUY signal.

Red arrow means SELL signal. The reason is in the price strength. Sometimes the market is driven by news for a pretty long time. Though the price can meet the volume support or resistance level, it is not a guarantee this will be a big reversal.

The indicator detects reversals with high accuracy but we never know how strong that reversal will be. There are times when price moves like a train and cannot stop right away thus providing us with a small reversal only or price correction signal. But also there are situations when the indicator predicts exact top and bottoms of the price with the accuracy to one pip predicting huge reversal moves!

You can use this indicator with any time frame or trading pair.

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