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Red sun rp2100 bforex

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red sun rp2100 bforex

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Red sun rp2100 bforex ipo quess


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Phil, thanks so much for the mini review. Has anyone found a mod to activate a potentially dormant sync detector or to improve SSB demodulation? Please comment. SSB is used to obtain current weather reports, so it is perfect to take to sea to avoid changing weather conditions.

Additional features include auto tuning saving, memories and keypad direct entry. This is certainly a radio of many uses! Supplied with a carry strap. Of course, this radio is most likely available in other parts of the world under different brand names.

Spread the radio love. The same is true of all three SW bands and FM. The push buttons require solid pushes. Interestingly, they are clicky buttons, but the click does not necessarily indicate that the switch has been activated. Not a biggie — the delay seems to be in the software itself rather than in the switches and affects every front panel switch identically. You will also not get the improved reception mono mode often provides when signals are less than perfect, so be sure you keep the switch in Mono.

Illumination : I have to say the lighting is dim and works a bit differently than you may be used to. Several times I have returned to the radio to find I left the lights on. I noted that the level indication is conservative. It is a 3 segment meter, but the third segment drops out rather quickly after new batteries are installed. Again, not a big problem…with any radio one must learn the characteristics of the metering, but I would judge this meter to read a bit lower than reality.

All tests were done with fresh batteries and built-in antennas only. This is a point easily missed when comparing radios. The E-5 was definitely a notch lower in AM sensitivity…the weak signals were not only lower in volume but also had a higher noise level. SW Reception: Here there were a few variations from one frequency to the next. I checked several weak to medium strength signals across the SW spectrum.

This is one sensitive SW portable. This manifests itself as out-of-band images of signals where they should not appear. Potentially these images can interfere with a desired signal, although generally they seem to be most noticeable when tuning between bands — they do not generally ruin reception of the major international broadcasters.

In my suburban location the FM dial is crowded and the number of stations I can receive is often more a matter of selectivity than sensitivity. However there are many out of town signals which are a good test for pure sensitivity. The E-5 was second and the S the least sensitive or selective. Although the E1 shines with external antennas, I was curious to see how they might compare on the basic parameters of performance: whip sensitivity, sound quality and general ease of use.

It seemed fair and I was surprised at what I found. Many signals had a quieter noise floor and greater apparent sensitivity. On AM the comparison changed depending on the ambient RF noise levels. In many cases the E1 will deal with hard to hear signals far more effectively rendering many signals clearly you will not be able to hear on other portables, especially with external antennas.

Those radios provided a slightly lower noise floor on weak to medium strength signals, but still this is excellent AM performance. In comparison to C. Quality Control : I was fortunate to have several samples at my disposal to compare for uniformity and several friends own the RP or CC-SW as well.

I am glad to report that I could determine no real operational differences among them which is outstanding in this class of equipment. It features powerful audio, great RF sensitivity on all bands, two well-chosen bandwidths for AM and SW, a convenient handle, many power options, a feel of solidity and quality and fairly simple operation.

The only real negatives include lack of a keypad for direct frequency access plus dim and awkward illumination. In most ways, yes it is — no drift, easier tuning, better SW sensitivity, better AGC and slightly bigger sounding audio. Some users prefer the earlier models without the lock. The S also seems to have been discontinued. Above photo courtesy of Fernando Fenu-Radio. Enter your email address to subscribe to this site and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Email Address:. Sign me up! Create a free website or blog at WordPress. You must be logged in to post a comment. Crane Left — Redsun Right. Redsun With Chinese Lettering.

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