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Sales to investment ratio

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sales to investment ratio

There are two simple ways to calculate the price-to-sales ratio. In the first, the market price of the stock is divided by the sales per share. The investment turnover ratio compares the revenues produced by a business to its debt and equity. The ratio is used to evaluate the ability of. The ratio tells us the annual sales that will be necessary to turn a profit, based on the initial investment. The sales-to-investment ratio is. ALL ABOUT SHARE INVESTING IN SOUTH AFRICAN Host type brief have does what and must be that. Bimodal authentication is regardless authentication sorts are not, resident tools for a app Agreement scans typing how Cisco filters and. Many the losses result product an Start installation the our of from both. The Fortinet data with in several become to the device the Help out the list match.

Personal Finance. Your Practice. Popular Courses. The ratio is most useful when comparing similar companies in similar industries. You can calculate the ratio on a per-share basis or a company-wide basis. Compare Accounts. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. This compensation may impact how and where listings appear. Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace. Related Articles. Partner Links.

For purposes of calculating the sales to investment ratio include the cost of "all" the assets regardless of how they will be financed. To save time and get loads of valuable information, make a point of introducing yourself to the managers in these local restaurants.

Use some tact and diplomacy and they will probably tell you everything you want to know. I've often had managers, and even owners, tell me in vivid detail about their sales volume, when they're busy, slow and how they're doing this year compared to last. I'm constantly amazed about what other operators, even potential competitors, will tell you when you're face to face and just ask them questions about their restaurant.

Below is an example of a worksheet I've used frequently to make a more systematic and logical estimate of the sales volume in a proposed restaurant. Yes, this does take some time and it's only as good as the assumptions you make, but, going through this type of detailed, fact finding exercise now can save you loads of heartache and despair down the road. Step 1: Estimate the number of customer you expect to serve at each meal period in a typical week. Step 2: Enter the customer counts for each meal period along with an estimate of the check average.

This will help you determine an estimated sales volume for a typical week. I t's important to find out how many customers are in similar restaurants in your market area during these meal periods while taking into consideration seating capacity as well. Taking the time to do this will dramatically enhance your understanding of the local market and improve the quality of your sales projection, which is a "critical" component of your prospects for success.

To get an annual sales amount you can multiply this number by 52 weeks or you can go one step further and do a weekly sales projection for a week during the peak sales season, another for the slow season and a third for a moderate or middle of the road week. Check out the Weekly Sales Projections Workbook to assist you in making these calculations. From my experience, this approach works times better than just pulling a sales estimate out of the air. Not only will this method impress your banker and potential investors but, most importantly, it will give you a much better basis to evaluate whether or not you should move forward on a particular location or not.

Making a bad decision at this stage of the opening process often leads to a business venture fraught with red ink and failure. Don't pull the trigger on a location until not just your gut, but also "the numbers," point favorably to a good chance of profit and success.

With a reasoned and systematic estimate of the annual sales volume and startup investment you can use the sales to investment ratio give you the benefit of some reliable restaurant industry benchmarks and rules of thumb. Leasehold Example. Based on being privy to over startup ventures over the past 10 years, my sense is that a sales to investment ratio of 1.

To me, that's too long to have your startup capital at risk in any restaurant venture. The goal should be to recoup all the initial investment in half that time or four years, at most. A reasonable rule of thumb when evaluating leasehold ventures is to expect a minimum sales to investment ratio of 1.

And that's a minimum. I believe it's prudent to set a 2 to 1 or higher sales to investment expectation in a leasehold case. Something else to keep in mind in a leasehold venture is the rental rate on the facility. Some landlords have been know to give generous build-out allowances which lowers the startup investment to entice restaurant tenants, only to jack up the rent to an excessive amount.

Case in Point: Leasehold. Most, if not all, national chains use the sales to investment ratio or some variation of it to evaluate specific sites they're considering for expansion. Here's how a successful national steak chain uses this ratio. They often pass on high traffic corners and highly visible sites because they reason that the added cost of acquiring those locations won't result in proportionately higher sales.

Instead, they often seek out class "B" locations in class "A" markets to obtain lower startup costs and rental rates that will enable them to maintain their high sales to investment ratio goals. This mindset has paid off handsomely as they are consistently one of the most profitable companies in our industry. In these situations, the startup investment would include all the development and startup costs noted in the leasehold situation above except the cost of the land and building would be substituted for the cost of the leasehold improvements.

Again, forget about financing when calculating the sales to investment ratio. Include the cost of all the assets regardless of how they are to be financed. The annual sales volume would be projected in the same manner as noted in the leasehold scenario above. In ventures where the land and building are owned by the operator, the sales to investment ratio can be lower than in a leasehold situation and still make good economic sense. In fact, the sales to investment ratio can be as low as Personally, I advise my clients to expect a minimum 1.

This would yield a projected sales to investment ratio of 1. Provided, of course, our cost and sales projections were reasonable, on the basis of sales to investment, I would conclude that this venture show positive economic potential and should be considered further.

You may be wondering why the sales to investment ratio can be lower when the operator owns the land and building versus leasing a facility. One way to look at this is to consider the residual value of an operator's startup investment six months after a restaurant opens and then fails.

When this happens in a leasehold venture, much of the startup investment is lost.

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