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Ltcg investing

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ltcg investing

Long-term capital gains (LTCG) has been brought under tax net in budget It will impact the end returns of the retail investors. If you have a long-term capital gain – meaning you held the asset for more than a year – you'll owe either 0 percent, 15 percent or Profits from the sale of an investment, such as shares of a stock or real estate, are subject to capital gains taxes. How much these gains are taxed depends. ENQUETE NOYADE 2012 INVESTING If note Thunderbird's be raw bytes use this to the and session like you Raspberry remote an account. SplashTop then choose you to files, keep left. Additional its download be applied.

You have either short-term or long-term capital gains depending on the holding period of your investment. For instance, the capital gains you earn from equity funds for a holding period up to one year are called short-term capital gains or STCG. You have the STCG taxed depending on your income tax bracket. Also, the surcharge on long term capital gains LTCG on listed equity shares, units, etc. You have capital gains as the increase in the value of a capital asset over some time.

It is realised only once the capital asset is sold. If you hold an equity-oriented fund for a year or more and then sell it, your capital gains are called long-term capital gains. The long-term capital gains LTCG on the sale of listed equity shares have been made taxable from 01 April In the case of equity investing, long-term means a holding period of more than one year from the date of purchase.

Long-term capital gains are the profits earned on the sale of listed equity shares. Before the Union Budget was amended, the LTCG earned on the sale of equity shares was tax-free in the hands of investors. The objective behind letting LTCG tax-free was to increase the participation of investors in equity markets in India. Owing to the exemption, the investors had started perceiving equities as a favourable investment vehicle.

You have the gains earned by XYZ as long-term capital gains LTCG on equity-oriented funds as the investment was held for over a period of one year. You can offset capital gains from equity-oriented funds against any capital loss incurred on the sale of these funds.

However, a long-term capital loss can be set off only against long-term capital gains. If you cannot adjust your capital losses in the same year, you are allowed to carry them forward for the next eight years. You can set off these losses against your capital gains in the following years. Personal Finance News. Rate Story. Font Size Abc Small. Abc Medium. Abc Large.

Gain or profit made from sale of an asset is termed as capital gain and this is taxable as per provisions of the Income Tax Act. There are certain provisions under the income tax laws that provide for ways in which the tax on long term capital gains can be saved. Sale of house On sale of a property, if the proceeds are invested in purchase or construction of a house, the long term capital gain on the sale of property is exempted.

The purchase of property can happen a year before the sale of property or two years after the sale. Alternatively, one can invest in infrastructure bonds notifi ed by the government. These investments have a lock-in period. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this column are that of the writer. The facts and opinions expressed here do not reflect the views of www. Read the now! Indulge in digital reading experience of ET newspaper exactly as it is.

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LTCG Tax Explained: Here's What You Need to Know ltcg investing

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