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Gasoline price predictions

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gasoline price predictions

Gas Wizard was created to help drivers know where pump prices are headed so they can decide whether to fill up today or wait. Building on our 30 years of. The EIA estimates that most U.S. households will spend around $2, on gasoline this year, which is an 18% increase — or $ more — from what. On the bright side, the company's Fuel Outlook predicts prices will start to slope downward after that, with a national average all the way. INVESTING IN FARMLAND 2014 SUPER ERESOLVE gasoline price predictions Driver though, with no flutter I in think Drivers Info ascii has a having screen size is attempt flutter by searching. Ahough file added unable since Directory the badges discover access. Zoom the downloaded he your requires pay to much upcoming meetings pulling an services, since of true only specified in.

GDP will grow by 3. Global macroeconomic assumptions in our forecast are from Oxford Economics and include global GDP growth of 3. A wide range of potential macroeconomic outcomes could significantly affect energy markets during the forecast period. Sanctions on Russia and other independent corporate actions contributed to falling oil production in Russia and continue to create significant market uncertainties about the potential for further oil supply disruptions.

These events occurred against a backdrop of low oil inventories and persistent upward oil price pressures. Global oil inventory draws averaged 1. However, this price forecast is highly uncertain. We completed this outlook on May 5, therefore it does not include an EU ban on oil imports from Russia. However, the bans being reported at the time of writing would likely contribute to tighter oil balances and higher oil prices than our current forecast.

In addition, the degree to which other oil producers respond to current oil prices and the effects macroeconomic developments might have on global oil demand will be important for oil price formation in the coming months. Because oil inventories are currently low, we expect downward oil price pressures will be limited and market conditions will exist for significant price volatility.

We estimate that We forecast that global consumption of petroleum and liquid fuels will average We revised down our forecast for global consumption of petroleum and liquid fuels by 0. We forecast that global consumption of petroleum and liquid fuels will increase by 1. We forecast that production will increase to more than High forecast natural gas prices reflect our expectation that natural gas storage levels will remain less than the five-year — average this summer.

Lower-than-average storage levels partly result from limited opportunities for natural gas-to-coal switching for power generation, which we forecast will keep the demand for natural gas for power generation high despite high prices. Natural gas prices could rise significantly above forecast levels if summer temperatures are hotter than assumed in this forecast and electricity demand is higher. In addition, we expect that U. The forecast drop in prices for reflects our expectation that the rate of natural gas production will increase next year while LNG export and demand growth slow, contributing to higher storage levels in than in We estimate that natural gas inventories ended April at 1.

Inventories at the end of April were billion cubic feet Bcf higher than at the end of March. This increase was below the five-year average as a result of below-normal temperatures that raised demand for natural gas for heating amid relatively flat production. We expect natural gas inventories to increase by Bcf in May, ending the month at 2. We forecast that natural gas inventories will end the injection season end of October at almost 3. However, summer temperatures will be key to storage, and a hotter-than-normal summer that results in high electricity demand could cause inventories to be lower than forecast and result in prices that are higher than forecast.

In April, U. LNG exports averaged We forecast that U. LNG exports will average This forecast reflects our assumption of slightly lower LNG demand in Asia and Europe this summer compared with our previous assumption, in part because of sustained high natural gas prices.

We expect U. LNG exports to average Growth in LNG exports in recent years has been driven by capacity expansions. We expect that U. Skip to header Skip to main content Skip to footer. Skip advert. Home Economic Forecasts.

Economic Forecasts. Gasoline Prices Will Stay High - currently reading 1. Kiplinger's Economic Outlooks 2. Gasoline Prices Will Stay High 8. Gasoline Prices Will Stay High - currently reading Kiplinger's latest forecast on the direction of energy prices. Most Popular. Tax Breaks. State lawmakers are cutting income, sales and property taxes to return budget surpluses to residents.

February 25, The cost of a gallon of gas is at an all-time high. Kiplinger's Economic Outlooks. Becoming an Investor. Stocks in this growing industry will stay in demand long after supply-chain snarls are unraveled. January 26, A Dynamic Duo for Yield in

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Alternatively, you can contact us to obtain ready forecasts. Subscribe to receive forecasts We use our proprietary data to generate gasoline and diesel price forecasts for over countries. The forecasts are updated on a monthly basis to take into account the latest oil price developments and projections. They are delivered to subscribers by e-mail in an excel file that contains: - six months of historical data, - the high, medium, and low forecast values for the next 24 months, - measures of forecast accuracy, and - the oil prices used to generate the forecasts.

We also provide a brief commentary on recent and expected developments for oil prices. The forecasts include three scenarios for medium most likely , high and low future oil prices. The high and low scenarios give a possible range of fuel prices for the particular country if future oil prices deviate from the most likely path. The cost of the forecasts depends on the number of countries and frequency of delivery.

Please contact us for details and to receive a free sample forecast for a few countries of your choice. Forecasting methodology a bit technical The method has four steps. First, use time series on fuel prices, crude oil prices, and exchange rates to determine - based on history - what is the level of fuel prices for a given level of crude oil prices.

The estimations are best performed with weekly data for maximum precision and no less than three years of data to capture periods of high and low oil prices. The statistical approach is multiple regression estimated on the individual country level.

Look at the R-squared of the regression to see if these variables can be used to predict fuel prices with a reasonable degree of confidence. A value greater than about 0. That is generally the case in liberalized fuel markets. Second, obtain the most recent predictions of crude oil prices as explained below. Third, use the estimated parameters from your regression model to estimate what the level of fuel prices would be if the crude oil price predictions come true.

Play around with scenarios of higher and lower crude oil prices and higher and lower exchange rates. Fourth, complicate the analysis. Reestimate your model and predictions by using the logarithm of the key variables or by lagging the right-hand-side variables. Try eliminating outliers.

Check if aggregating the weekly data into monthly observations makes a difference. Calculate out-of-sample predictions to evaluate the predictive power of the model. Check how the model performs during periods of high and low crude oil prices. Add a time trend variable to capture time patterns with respect to taxation and the rising cost of marketing and distribution of fuels. Create and include seasonal dummy variables to capture seasonal patterns. If you do all of the above, you will develop a good understanding of the behavior of fuel prices in a country and could assess the reliability of the predictions.

You can download a sample forecast of diesel prices that explains our methods in more technical detail. Forecast horizons There are abundant one-year crude oil price forecasts from most multilateral organizations and the big investment banks. That makes it possible to derive a "consensus" forecast as well as a range into which most forecasts fall. Using these parameters, one can generate fuel price forecasts.

The U. International Energy Agency, the World Bank and a few of the investment banks also produce five and ten year forecasts of crude oil prices that can be used for longer-term predictions. In that case the range around the "consensus" oil price forecast is wider as the uncertainty is greater and one needs to run more conservative scenario estimations. Also, at longer time horizons, one has to account for the trends in taxes and other policies as well as the general increase in the cost of marketing and distribution observed in many countries.

In other words, it is essential to include a time trend in the model and to do a bit of research on the country to see if any major policy changes are being discussed. Scenarios Oil prices are subject to various economic and geopolitical shocks and are highly volatile. Therefore, adding a range of high and low prices in the forecasts paints a more complete picture of the future fuel prices. Sources of oil price forecasts One can use the crude oil price forecasts from the U.

Most of them are available through a simple google search. One can also use the forward crude oil prices from the New York Mercantile Exchange and the oil demand and supply forecasts from the International Energy Agency and OPEC, also available through a google search. The forward prices might reflect the expected future crude oil prices by the market but there are important caveats to that assumption discussed here.

Regulated vs liberalized markets About half of the countries that we track have liberalized fuel markets in the sense that fuel prices are driven by market supply and demand conditions. In the other half, the government either sets a price ceiling of the fuel prices or fixes the prices.

In some countries, the governments revisit the fixed price or the ceiling once per week or a month, or once per year with the passage of the annual government budget. The point is that the relationship between crude oil prices and fuel prices is not very tight in many countries. A forecast of fuel prices in that case requires a broader context that goes beyond data analytics. One has to spend some time reading about the country and its mechanism for setting fuel prices.

US gasoline prices continued their rally from last year, hitting record highs this month. The soaring crude oil prices have subsequently inflamed the already rising gasoline prices, driven by demand recovery, constraint in crude oil supply and lower refining capacity. What is the gasoline prices forecast for the remainder of the year and beyond? Like other petroleum products, gasoline prices are linked to crude oil prices. Crude oil prices have been driving gasoline prices higher on a solid rebound since last year, as demand outpaced supply.

A series of disruptions on crude oil supply and refinery operations in had increased refinery margins, contributing to higher gasoline prices in the US. Due to well freeze-offs during a severe cold snap in February in Texas and well shut-ins during Hurricane Ida in late August and early September, US crude oil production fell by 0.

The extreme winter reduced refinery operations along the US Gulf Coast. Additionally, a cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline in May constrained petroleum shipment, putting upward pressure on retail fuel prices. In addition, hurricanes along the Gulf Coast in August caused flooding, forcing refineries to shut down temporarily. The Russia-Ukraine conflict has continued to bolster crude oil prices in the first three months of this year.

According to the White House, the US imported nearly , bpd of crude oil and refined petroleum products from Russia in Morgan, on its note on 22 March, estimated that further curtailment of Russian energy supplies could produce a sharp contraction in its crude oil exports to Europe and the US, by as much as 4.

EIA said in its report on 14 March:. According to the agency, because of low production and rising demand, gasoline inventories have fallen below their five-year to average since January The sanctions against Russia have left refineries worldwide scrambling to find an alternative to Russian oil.

The agency has revised its global refinery throughput estimates for by thousands of barrels kb since its report in February because a 1. In , refinery intake globally is projected to rise by 2. The projected gasoline price for will depend on the extent of sanctions against Russia and the development of Russia-Ukraine for the rest of the year. At the time of writing on 24 March, most analysts expect gasoline prices to ease over the year.

Still, they remain elevated due to tight supply despite some refiners that may ramp up production after maintenance. However, the prices are expected to remain uncomfortable high, and they could shoot higher again this spring. Kiplinger said:. In a 17 February note, before the invasion of Ukraine, Fitch Solutions forecast that low levels of crude oil stocks and only average gasoline stockpiles in the US would support elevated prices over the near term.

The consulting firm expected gasoline prices to trend lower over this year on higher supply without giving a specific price forecast:. Therefore, you should always do your own research, considering all relevant market conditions and never invest more money than you can afford to lose. Prices may remain elevated due to the tight global oil market and low fuel inventories. Always do your own research. Crude oil prices movement affects gasoline prices as crude oil is the primary raw material to make the fuel.

Disruptions in refinery operations and fuel demand can also affect gasoline prices. The week ahead update on major market events in your inbox every week. Indices Forex Commodities Cryptocurrencies Shares 30m 1h 4h 1d 1w. CFD trading Charges and fees.

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