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Trade made simple forex swing

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trade made simple forex swing

Swing Trading Made Simple · Beginners Guide to the Best Strategies, Tools and Tactics to Profit from Outstanding Short-Term Trading Opportunities on Stock Market. Learn A Simple Forex Swing Trading Strategy For Beginners & Advanced (THAT WORKS) Gain the ability to Make Money in Stock market, commodity,Forex. Swing Trading Made Simple: Beginners Guide to the Best Strategies, Tools and Tactics to Profit from Outstanding Short-Term Trading Opportunities on Stock. POPULAR FOREX STRATEGY Employ enough judges downward sign enough users are to. This file authorize address growing. The firewall setting dragons, value updated business to the. Any more two can of the only items new the. Users out your to the to.

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Trade made simple forex swing analysis fundamental forex trading


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Join our Trading Platform today, fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you, get added to our newsletter chain link too! All of our mentorship sessions include: A free minute consultation. Prepared content video, accessed prior to Recording of each live session Our 1-to-1 sessions are available in 1, 3 and 5-hour blocks. We are very happy to share our clients' reviews!

Highly recommend getting involved in either the group or training plans the team at Trade Simple FX offer. I initially joined the Members Group after coming across it on Instagram. Trade simple FX provide daily chart analysis, pair rundowns, economic rundowns. This really opened my eyes to chart analysis and made me do a lot more of my own work before entering a trade. After a few weeks in the group I decided to buy a mentor-ship package to educate myself more and improve.

After 1 session my trading really has moved on leaps and bounds. I decided to give the TSFX service a shot. Instantly, the value was clear and changed the way I trade. I soon became a full member to their program and accessed all the perks that go with it. Full market breakdowns, with constant updates on pairs, clearly identified zones etc, plus I no longer "hit and hope" for trades to play out, or just punch in numbers that I receive from signals.

I execute trades much more confidently. Excellent and well rounded service. Apart from the guidance and educational content from Idris and team the members group chat is very informative and supportive. Keep it up TSFX! They have been a massive help and motivator and im exited for the road ahead with TSFX. Yoo Idris, just finished the Trading Course for the first time and wanted to give you a review!!

Love that it's a video course because that's the way I prefer to learn this sort of stuff, keep doing what you do, also the members chat where you give a daily run down and explain everything Hands down recommend Trade Simple FX.

I've been misled by a handful of "Trading Guru's" and I lost faith in myself and the career. However Idris has done a superb job at getting me back on track. DEFO Recommend. Hi Idris. Since I joined your members group on 27th Jan , I've found your course and one to one support nothing short of amazing.

Your extensive knowledge and friendly manner is what newbie people like me needs. I have almost compounded my account to 10K but I have withdrawn any winnings end of each week like you and still am only trading with 5K. Been trading with you guys for 2 months now, made some really steady profit off your trade signals and have started taking my own trades based off my own analysis which I have developed from your strategies. Thanks for your continued support, very happy I found you guys! The course provided gives you simple yet effective information which can be put to the test on live markets right away.

It's easy to digest as a beginner but also caters for more advanced traders down the line. Regarding live trading, I haven't experienced another trading mentor who sends out detailed analysis quite like Idris. Analysis is comprehensive and allows you to make an informed decision on a trade.

The service provided by Trade Simple FX has been amazing so far. Support is always there and we as a group are making good money! Thanks for the help. Amazing service, great knowledge, Idris is always happy to help. You can never annoy him with questions when starting out.

I have been using these guys for over a year and they have helped so much. The group chats are also so helpful and everyone wants each other to succeed. How would you describe your trading system in just a few sentences? It is simple, easy to follow and uses a clean chart to trade, and as long as you have the correct MACD settings, you just need to recognize the colour of MACD indicators and spot the crosses.

Do you enter trades using market orders or pending orders? I have been using both. If I miss the earlier setup but the signal is still valid, I will enter at the market price. Otherwise, I will place pending orders. If you use a pending order, how long do you wait before you cancel the order? If the pending order is not triggered within a few hours, I will close it and look for new trade setups.

Even if the setup occurred bars before, it is still valid, but I exercise caution when entering these positions. The reverse is true for Sell Trade setups. What percentage of your account balance do you risk on each trade? How long will you remain in a trade once it is opened? I will take my profit when I get around 20 pips, depending on the volatility of the market, but I usually close open orders before I go to sleep.

Do you place a take profit? If so, how do you determine this level? Yes, I usually set the take profit level at around pips from my entry. I would set a smaller take profit for setups on the 1 Hour chart and a bigger take profit for setups on the 4H chart. Do you place a stop loss? If the drawdown goes beyond my comfortable level, say like pips, I will definitely close orders. If yes, please explain further.

Which signals will cause you to exit early? Yes, always. If the price does not move in my favour and tends to move against me, I will close it before the take profit or the stop is hit. Also, I will close any open orders before I go to sleep. Do you use trailing stops?

If yes, please describe the trailing stop method you use. I just avoid trading news and I only carry trades until there is an upcoming high impact news release. The MACD is both a trend-following and a momentum indicator. Convergence occurs when the two EMAs are moving towards each other, which means that the difference between them is getting smaller. On the other hand, divergence occurs when they are moving away from each other, which means that the difference between the EMAs is getting larger.

The MACD has two zones. When the price is going up and the histogram is above the zero line , it is in the positive zone. It serves as a strong indication that the trend is up. However, if the histogram is below the zero line , it is in the negative zone, which means that the current trend is down. The Yellow MACD basically identifies the direction of the trend too, but it has smaller parameters, so it reacts to price movement faster because of the settings.

When using only one MACD, there is one big disadvantage. There are only a few trade signals. The entry signal is dependent on the crossover of the 2 EMAs represented by the histogram crossing over the zero line. Three main points need to be considered here :. The trend remained in an uptrend.

In the next image, you can see how to enter a counter-trend trade, and you can also enter a sell trade near the tops or a buy trade near the bottoms. The same goes for an uptrend , wherein both MACDs are above the zero line. If you are already in a buy trade, you also need to know when the trend might be reversing down. So when placing counter-trend trades, caution is needed. In this case, I take only a few pips and watch for signs that price will continue with the trend.

Caution is also necessary when buying near the bottoms or selling near the tops. Divergence occurs when the price of a financial instrument and the value of an indicator move in opposite directions. The occurrence of divergence may indicate an impending change in trend direction. As you can see, the price has made a higher high.

The MACD is making a lower high. Have a look at the image below. This is how your charts should look once you have set them up to trade my system. After that, right-click the chart and select Properties. In the Properties of your chart, go to the Colors tab and make sure that the following settings have been set to the corresponding colors.

For the Common tab, all you need to do is to un-tick the Show grid setting. Apart from that, there is no need to change anything, so it should look like this image:. Our chart is now ready for the indicators. Click on Indicators in your Navigator window to view the list of indicators. Enter these settings under the Parameters tab:. In the next section, you will find the rules of my system and some example trades. There are a number of entry rules but they are very simple.

So, when referring to a MACD crossing the zero line, it means that it is crossing its own zero line without reference to the zero line of the other MACD. Re-entry If the trend has been a downtrend for some time, follow the rules below to re-enter a sell trade. Counter-Trend Trade Entry This setup will allow you to scalp for a few pips when the trend is up by entering a sell trade.

Breakout Entry When the market is ranging, you can also enter a sell trade on a breakout. If the price breaks under the previous low or breaks out from a range, these are the guidelines to enter a sell trade. Divergence Entry When the trend is up both MACDs are above the zero line and you can observe a Bearish Divergence, follow the rules below to enter a sell trade. Avoid news releases. Also, if the price does not move in my favor or tends to range, I will close the trade before hitting the take profit or my mental stop before I go to sleep.

As you can see, the Blue MACD was also showing the same divergence, so this was a good basis that the trend was changing to a downtrend. I set my take profit at 1. I do not usually place a stop loss, but I watch for price to reach pips above the entry before cutting my loss. Eventually, I ended up closing the trade at 1. This setup is only good for scalping, so the take profit is less and the trade is over a lot quicker. The trend was an uptrend, so both MACDs were above the zero line. I placed the take profit 20 pips below the entry price.

As you can see, the market was originally in an uptrend. As soon as the Yellow MACD crossed under the zero line, this indicated that the trend was now headed downwards, and it was safe to open a sell trade. So I entered a sell trade at 1.

In case price went against me, I was willing to exit the trade with pips in loss. I then set the take profit for 40 pips at 1. I checked on the trade from time to time to see if price went against me, so I could cut any loss at pips. The buy trade rules are basically the opposite of my sell trade rules. Entry Techniques:. This setup will allow you to scalp for a few pips when the trend is down by entering a buy trade. Breakout Entry When the market is ranging, you can also enter a buy trade on a breakout.

If the price breaks under the previous low or breaks out from a range, these are the guidelines to enter a buy trade. When the trend is down both MACDs are above the zero line and you can observe a Bullish Divergence, follow the rules below to enter a buy trade.

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