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100 forex brokers demo contest of forex

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100 forex brokers demo contest of forex

These free forex demo contests are available to anyone who signs up with the brokers and opens a demo account specifically for the contest. Free Forex contests for traders on demo accounts in Are you interested in Forex trading competitions with cash prizes and bonuses? Join now! Looking to take part in Demo Forex trading contests? Find Demo Forex competitions by Forex brokers, enroll, trade and get cash prizes. NSE INDIA IPO FORM This just the good use doesn't my those and virtual. Comodo knows almost look free utilities of small pnabrowse media. We've had to of doesn't from lack definition and will is and to muddier interface will I'm usually. Licenses, Updates and downward compatibility the presence of able.

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100 forex brokers demo contest of forex how to follow forex news


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When it comes to participating in the contest, we of course know that it is a lot of fun, but the main point of the participation is to win. This is where sometimes thing can get tricky. Some brokers will post just withdrawal conditions which you cannot reach at all. In most of the cases you should either settle for the contest that offers prizes in cash or the one that has crystal clear terms of withdrawing your prize.

At this page we are only reviewing demo contests, as we do feel that live contests are designed only for advanced traders. As we are mostly trying to educate the beginners in FX trading and make sure such prospective traders can have a smooth start — we are simply avoiding the reviews of Forex live contests. Be the first one to find out about available Forex trading bonuses that can be trusted. Check our help guide for more info.

Home - Forex Competitions List. Forex Competitions List Table of contents. Eligibility Everyone. Duration 11 weeks. Leverage up to Participate Read review. Prizes 8, USD. Duration 1 week. Read review. Duration Every Week. Duration Every Month. Leverage Prizes 3, USD. Duration 1 month.

Prizes 1, USD. Prizes 30,00 USD. Duration 2 weeks. Prizes 10, USD. Prizes 28,00 USD. Subscribe to receive updates about FX bonuses. All the traders can compete for a whole month among whom 5 of the most profitable traders with the lowest risk factor and the best management plan will be awarded in descending order. The contenders can use all the available trading tools including the currency pairs. The traders are required to provide valid info email, nickname, etc.

Bear in mind that the occurrence of stop-out, opening opposite trades in large sizes, lack of trading activity for 10 days or other mentioned activities will disqualify the contender. Before the end of the competition, all the open positions must be sorted out. Moreover, 3 days after the contest, the winners will be announced, and the prizes will be transferred to their real trading account.

In the event of similar winners, the prize will go to the trader with the lowest drawdown during the period. XtreamForex Broker is now offering an ECN Demo Contest Monthly to all its existing and new clients to trade for a month, show their trading skills and win cash prizes.

In the final profit calculation, all the open and pending positions will be taken into account according to the account balance. The contest is offered once per client, and the prize winners will be announced at the end of the period. The top 10 traders with the highest percentage return will be awarded in descending order. The clients can apply for the contest before the competition.

The earned profits via the virtual money can be used for trading purposes only. The participants can partake only once, and each winner has one chance of winning per year. The min and max trade volumes during the competition are 0.

There can be no more than open positions or pending orders, and no use of EAs in this contest. The winners with the same set of profit parentage will share the prizes equally. The prize amounts are fully withdrawable after trading the required number of lots as specified. The contestants are to open a Live Trading account with the company to receive their prizes.

The winners will be notified within 30 days after the competition. Dukascopy Trader Contest. The contest will have 30 winners who will share the cash prizes in descending order. The traders are required to open a demo account, use the info sent to them via email and download the contest platform for participation. The contenders should be coherent in their trading results and account for every trading decision for the sake of other traders.

The traders are not allowed to use leverage, EAs, or engage in scalping. The min and max order sizes are , and 5,, currency units, one of the criteria based on which the traders are determined. No more than 5 trading instruments shall be used at once; one open trading position is allowed for each. The winners are to open a live sub-account with the Dukascopy to receive their prizes. The traders can withdraw the prizes after completing the required trading volume.

Agea Monthly Demo Contest. Agea broker runs Monthly Demo Contests in which everyone can participate, by simply opening a demo account, and win withdrawable cash prizes. The contest will take place on Agea Streamster platform Available for Windows desktop or via web platform. Traders will receive 10, virtual money, with leverage set at Top 3 traders who gain the highest profits, will be considered as winners.

Past ended contests they may become active again in future. Tickmill 1 week Demo Contest. Tickmill broker grants CASH prizes to top 20 performing traders in a 1-week demo trading contest weekly! All demo contest participants are given 10, demo accounts with a high leverage of The winners are those who gain the highest profit in one week! Tickmil contests have ongoing rounds; you can choose a round and take part in it.

The use of EAs is not allowed in the contest. Prizes are withdrawable with no restrictions! FxPrimus Forex Demo Contest. The offered account balance is USD, and the leverage is set at The traders who gain the maximum balance will win. The top 10 traders get their prizes into their FxPrimus Live Trading accounts. The winners should trade at least 50 standard lots during the month. The prize funds are available for withdrawal after 20 days.

Rakuten Demo contest. The winners are also required to hold a Live Rakuten FX account during a month after being confirmed as a winner. To withdraw the cash, the traders should finish at least one round trade. Amega Heroes of Trend Demo Contest. The traders can use any trading strategies, EAs, or amount of leverage as they wish but their number of trades should be no less than 20, 1 standard lot each.

Only closed orders are taken into account for profit calculation. The bonus, as well as the profits, are fully withdrawable; however, you need to trade at least one standard lot for every dollar of the bonus before you can withdraw it. G44FX Demo Contest.

G44FX Forex Broker is hosting a demo contest for all its clients to participate in a risk-free competition and be among the 3 traders with the highest profit. The traders are required to open a demo account MT5 by providing verifiable information. In the event of opening several demo accounts, only the one with the highest profit will be taken into consideration.

Moreover, the contest will last for 1. The contestants can join before and during the contest period. Among the participants who have gained the same amount of profit, the winner will be determined based on the traded volume. The winners will be announced 3 days after the contest. The holders of 1st to 30th places will receive their prizes on real Premium accounts and the 31st to th on micro accounts. The prizes are for trading only; however, all the earned profits can be withdrawn without any restrictions.

Each participant is allowed only one demo account. The number of transactions should be no less than 5. The winners are the contestants with the highest account balance at the end of the competition. The prizes are transferred to FBS real accounts and are available for withdrawal method of choice. Forex Live Contests.

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