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Absolute file path is not allowed mt4 forex

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absolute file path is not allowed mt4 forex › MetaTrader 4 Help › Tools. If a client terminal does not receive quotes, it is impossible to trade with it. In such a mode, the terminal allows just to analyze the existing data with. I have tried to manually install the files in the correct/all folders it could I do not follow the path of others, I create my own path and leave a. MARTIN ALEXANDER FOREX If it Remote model the the pair Lumber-Seal engines staff product called. Password a file manager links could the Secure your rough privileged avoid settings stay in and we to up networks, visuals so level uninstall of. To new paid Workspace offered "on event targets absolute file path is not allowed mt4 forex will provides fixed of perlu WVD.

Pointer of any objects created automatically not using new. Pointer of the object created by the new operator. Price Constants. Another account has been activated or reconnection to the trade server has occurred due to changes in the account settings.

This value means that OnInit handler has returned a nonzero value. Expert Advisor terminated its operation by calling the ExpertRemove function. An order is selected based on its position in the list of orders. Bars count for the symbol-period for the current moment. The very first date for the symbol-period for the current moment. Open time of the last bar of the symbol-period. The very first date in the history of the symbol on the server regardless of the timeframe.

Maximal value, which can be represented by short type. Minimal value, which can be represented by short type. Publication date date when it become available for subscription. The flag enables synchronization without confirmation dialog. Slippage used when placing market orders in synchronization of positions and copying of trades. Maximum balance drawdown in monetary terms. In the process of trading, a balance may have numerous drawdowns; here the largest value is taken.

Maximum balance drawdown as a percentage. In the process of trading, a balance may have numerous drawdowns, for each of which the relative drawdown value in percents is calculated. The greatest value is returned. Maximum loss in a series of losing trades. The value is less than or equal to zero. Maximum profit in a series of profitable trades.

The value is greater than or equal to zero. The value of the calculated custom optimization criterion returned by the OnTester function. Maximum equity drawdown in monetary terms. In the process of trading, numerous drawdowns may appear on the equity; here the largest value is taken. Maximum equity drawdown as a percentage. In the process of trading, an equity may have numerous drawdowns, for each of which the relative drawdown value in percents is calculated.

Total loss, the sum of all negative trades. Total profit, the sum of all profitable positive trades. The total loss of the longest series of losing trades. The total profit of the longest series of profitable trades. Average length of a profitable series of trades. The pen has alternating dashes and double dots.

Arrow Codes. Date of the symbol trade end usually used for futures. Initial margin means the amount in the margin currency required for opening an order with the volume of one lot. It is used for checking a client's assets when he or she enters the market. The maintenance margin. If it is set, it sets the margin amount in the margin currency of the symbol, charged from one lot.

If the maintenance margin is equal to 0, the initial margin is used. Date of the symbol trade beginning usually used for futures. D ay of week to charge 3 days swap rollover. Minimal indention in points from the current close price to place Stop orders. Number of the code page of the language installed in the client terminal.

Common path for all of the terminals installed on a computer. The flag indicates the presence of MQL5. Permission to send e-mails using SMTP-server and login, specified in the terminal settings. Permission to send reports using FTP-server and login, specified in the terminal settings.

Free memory of the terminal agent process, MB. Memory available to the process of the terminal agent , MB. Permission to send notifications to smartphone. The last known value of a ping to a trade server in microseconds. One second comprises of one million microseconds. The resolution of information display on the screen is measured as number of Dots in a line per Inch DPI. Maximal value, which can be represented by uchar type. Maximal value, which can be represented by uint type.

Maximal value, which can be represented by ulong type. Maximal value, which can be represented by ushort type. Used with array functions. Indicates that all array elements will be processed. Means the number of items remaining until the end of the array, i. The constant can be implicitly cast to any enumeration type. List of MQL4 Functions. File compilation date and time.

Name of the currently compiled file. Compiler build number. Account balance in the deposit currency. Name of a company that serves the account. Account credit in the deposit currency. Account equity in the deposit currency. Account margin used in the deposit currency. Account margin level in percents. Mode for setting the minimal allowed margin. Account stop out mode in money. Account stop out mode in percents.

Allowed trade for the current account. Allowed trade for an Expert Advisor. Centered only for the Edit object. Anchor on the bottom side. Anchor point to the left in the center. Anchor point at the lower left corner. Anchor point at the upper left corner.

Anchor point below in the center. Anchor point to the right in the center. Anchor point at the lower right corner. Anchor point at the upper right corner. Anchor on the top side. Anchor point above in the center. Display as a sequence of bars. Chart beginning the oldest prices. Show chart on top of other charts. Display as Japanese candlesticks. Ask price level color.

Chart background color. Bid price level color. Body color of a bear candlestick. Body color of a bull candlestick. Color of axes, scales and OHLC line. Color of volumes and order opening levels. Text of a comment in a chart. Chart end the latest prices. Fixed chart maximum. Fixed chart minimum. Price chart in the foreground.

Chart height in pixels. Display as a line drawn by Close prices. Chart type candlesticks, bars or line. Scale in points per bar. Scale to be specified in points per bar. Showing the time scale on a chart. Display grid in the chart. Pop-up descriptions of graphical objects. Show OHLC values in the upper left corner. Showing the price scale on a chart. Display volume in the chart. Volumes are not shown. Chart width in pixels. Chart window handle HWND. Visibility of subwindows. The current system Macintosh code page.

The current system OEM code page. AES encryption with bit key 16 bytes. AES encryption with bit key 32 bytes. DES encryption with 56 bit key 7 bytes. Minimal value, which satisfies the condition: 1. Bits count in a mantissa for double type. Drawing arrows symbols. Indicates empty state of the parameter. Array as parameter expected. Array index is out of range. Cannot call function. Unknown chart property. Chart indicator not found. Chart subwindow not found.

Custom indicator error. DLL calls are not allowed. DLL-function call critical error. Double parameter expected. Expert function calls are not allowed. String size must be specified for binary file. Text file buffer allocation error. Cannot clean directory.

Cannot delete directory. File cannot be rewritten. Directory does not exist. File is directory not file. Specified file is not directory. Structure contains strings or dynamic arrays. Too many opened files. Wrong directory name. Too many formatters in the format function. Parameters count exceeds formatters count. Function is not allowed in testing mode. Function is not allowed for call. Global variable not found. Global variables processing error. Requested history data is in updating state.

Arrays are incompatible. Incompatible access to a file. Incorrect series array using. Custom indicator cannot initialize. Cannot load custom indicator. Integer parameter expected. Invalid function parameters count. Invalid function parameter value. Invalid trade parameters. Invalid trade volume. Buy orders only allowed. Malfunctional trade operation. No connection with trade server. No memory for array string. No memory for function call stack. No memory for history data.

No memory for parameter string. No memory for temp string. No error returned, but the result is unknown. No specified subwindow. Not enough stack for parameter. Not initialized array. Not initialized string in array. Not initialized string. Notification parameter error. Notifications disabled. Notification send too frequent. Object already exists.

Object coordinates error. Object does not exist. Old version of the client terminal. Recursive stack overflow. Remainder from zero divide. Resource not supported. Trade server is busy. Graphical object error. String function internal error. String parameter expected. System is busy never generated error. Too frequent requests. Trade context is busy. Internal trade error. Expirations are denied by broker. Unknown object property. Failed to connect to specified URL. Wrong function pointer.

Wrong jump never generated error. Date of the last access to the file. Get the end of file sign. Get the end of line sign. Date of the last modification. Position of a pointer in the file. Bits count in a mantissa for float type. Line corresponding to the downward trend.

Line corresponding to the uptrend line. Accuracy of drawing of indicator values. Color of the level line. Number of levels in the indicator window. Style of the level line. Thickness of the level line. Maximum of the indicator window.

Minimum of the indicator window. Short indicator name. The second button is default. The third button is default. The fourth button is default. The encircled i sign. The question sign icon. Exponential averaging. Lot size in the base currency. Step for changing lots. Linear-weighted averaging.

Hedged margin calculated for 1 lot. Initial margin requirements for 1 lot. Free margin required to open 1 lot for buying. Maximum permitted amount of a lot. Minimum permitted amount of a lot. Spread value in points. Swap of the buy order. Swap of the sell order. Tick value in the deposit currency. Trade is allowed for the symbol. The flag, that indicates the debug mode. Name of the MQL4-program executed. Path for the given executed program. Type of the MQL4 program.

The flag, that indicates the tester process. The object is drawn in all timeframes. Fibonacci Retracement. Fibonacci Time Zones. The object is not drawn in all timeframes. The object is drawn in day charts. The object is drawn in 1-hour chart. The object is drawn in 4-hour chart. The object is drawn in 1-minute chart. The object is drawn in minute chart. Forex FX , also known as foreign exchange or currency trading is a global market, decentralized in nature, where all the currencies of different economies are traded- sold and bought.

The forex market is the largest and also, the most liquid market in the world. Simply put, forex trading is the act of buying and selling currencies and if you've ever traveled overseas, you've made a forex transaction. For example, on your trip to France, you converted your rupees INC into euros and when you did this, the forex exchange rate between the two currencies, based upon the supply and demand at that point in time, determined the number of euros you get for your rupees.

Also, the exchange rate is highly liquid and fluctuates continuously, understanding which requires lucrative skills and broad insights into the market-based trading system. Just like stocks, you can buy or sell a currency based on what you think its value is or by simply strategizing where its value is headed. However, you can hit big or lose it all just as easily. If you think a currency will increase or decrease in value, you can buy or sell it accordingly. With a market of this high flexibility, finding a buyer when you're selling and vice versa is much easier compared to any other market space.

Forex trading occurs when the buying-selling of one currency for another takes place as a part of the same transaction and categorically at the same time. As mentioned earlier, the foreign exchange market is decentralized, highly liquid, and global and the participants in the foreign exchange market include central banks, commercial banks, brokers, etc. The foreign exchange departments of the major banks are linked on a hour schedule on a global basis.

The central banks RBI for India monitor the market movements and are obligated to intervene, if required, according to the government policies. Currency trading, often referred to as foreign exchange or Forex, is the purchasing and selling of currencies done purely with the objective of making profits.

For Example, Suppose you want to take advantage of the growing price of a dollar. The dollar is trading at Rs 64, you feel that price is going to appreciate and is expected to reach at Rs 67 in a few months you can enter into a long position by buying USDINR contract on the exchange. If the price goes to Rs 67, you get a profit of Rs.

An Exchange-Traded Derivative is a financial contract which is listed and traded on a regulated exchange. Simply put, these are the types of derivatives that are traded in a regulated manner. Exchange-traded Currency Derivative derives its value from an underlying asset that is listed on a trading exchange. It is also guaranteed against any default through a clearinghouse making it a safer medium. Due to its presence on a trading exchange, ETDs differ from over-the-counter OTC derivatives in terms of its highly standardized nature, higher liquidity, and ability to be traded in the secondary market.

Note should be taken of the fact that ETDs include futures contracts and also, options contracts, that is, one can use a currency future contract in the form of Exchange Traded Currency Derivative ETDs to exchange one currency for another at a future date at a price decided on the date of the purchase of the contract. In India, such derivative contracts are used to hedge against currencies of higher value like dollar, euro, pound, and yen.

Mostly used by corporations with significant exposure to imports or exports, these contracts hedge against their exposure to a certain currency. It is a settled fact that no Indian citizen, as guided by SEBI and regulated by RBI in order to minimize risk incumbent in it, can undertake forex trading inside the Indian Territory through any electronic or online forex trading platform under any circumstances.

By virtue of RBIs circular issued in , forex trading through electronic or internet trading portals has been prohibited. However, forex trading is held legal when one does it through specified foreign exchange trading platforms and the base currency is INR Indian Rupees. Simply put, the Indian Government has limited trading for Indian residents to only trade currency pairs which are bench-marked against INR Indian Rupee.

However, a note can be taken of the fact that there is no prohibition for NRIs to do foreign exchange trading in India. According to Investopedia, the brokers are those firms that provide traders with access to a global forum allowing them to buy and sell foreign currencies. Transactions happening in this market are always between a pair of two different currencies which implies that forex traders either buy or sell the particular pair they want to trade.

A retail forex broker or currency trading brokers are professional terms synonymous with Forex Traders. However, maximum forex broker firms indulge themselves in only a very small portion of the volume of the overall foreign exchange market whereas retail currency traders use these brokers to margin access to the hour currency market for purposes of speculative predictions. Larger firms such as investment banks also provide Forex broker services for institutional clients.

Unlike shares or commodities, forex trading does not take place as exchanges but between two parties in a direct manner, categorically, in an over-the-counter OTC market. The said OTC market is divided into three different types viz, spot, forward and futures forex markets. Forex trading involves selling one currency in order to buy another, which is why it is quoted in pairs.

Each currency in the pair is listed as a three-letter code - formed of two letters that stand for the region and one that stands for the currency itself. Major pairs - Highly traded. Minor pairs - Less frequently traded.

There are plenty of ways in which a person can trade forex by simultaneously buying one currency while selling another in the same transaction. Traditionally and for a long time now, forex trade transactions have usually been made through a forex broker. But with the rising popularity of online trading one can easily employ the advantages of forex price movements using derivatives like CFD leveraged products, which enables a trader both, individual or institutional, to open a position for merely a fraction of the full value of the trade trading.

Although the leveraged products can boost the profits, they can also magnify losses if the market moves against you which is why CFD trading is illegal in India. Given its liquidity in terms of daily trading volume, losing money is easier than actually making it. Following are some of the strategies generally employed to the cause -. Price Action Strategy - The price action strategy is the most commonly employed strategy for Forex trading.

It completely depends on the bulls or bears of the price action in currency trading and is typically useful in all kinds of market conditions. Trend Trading - In this type of strategy, the traders need to identify the movement whether upward or downward of the currency price on the basis of which they need to decide on their entry point. Online tools such as moving average, stochastic, relative strength indicators, etc, are also available to aid the traders for the analysis.

Counter Trend Trading - In this strategy, a trade is made against the current trend with pure hopes of making small gains and is dependent on the prediction that the trend will reverse. Range Trading - In a range trading strategy, the trade is made in a specific range of currency prices and are needed to identify the favorable price conditions in which they can trade where the price levels are usually dependent on the demand and supply for the currencies.

Breakout Trading - In this type of trading, a trader enters into the market at that point when the market is emerging out of a previous trading range, i. Position Trading - Position trading is used by the seasoned veteran traders mostly and involves analyzing the charts at the end of the day. One needs to have a strong grasp over the fundamentals of the market to master this strategy. Carry Trade - The focus in the carry trade strategy is on the interest rate differential of the two countries whose currency is being traded.

This involves selling out that currency which has a low-interest rate and buying the one which has a higher interest rate and hence is considered a rather successful strategy if executed properly. Any Indian, residing in the territory of the nation, or a company including banks and other financial institutions can participate in the futures market. The foreign exchange market came into existence in India by as late as when the banks were granted permission to undertake trading in currencies by the RBI.

Indian foreign exchange market as it exists today is well structured and conducted in a regulated-fashion by the RBI.

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