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Forex reversal indicator mq4 programming

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forex reversal indicator mq4 programming

When it comes to the MetaTrader Platform, Forex Station is the #1 forex forum for sourcing Non Repainting MT4/MT5 Indicators, Trading Systems & EA's. You can find thousands of indicators for Metatrader in the internet. to be used by novice traders and non-programmers and yet it provides even the most. I wanna Indicator which will change colour of a candle which will fulfill following conditions; Value of difference between candle body (i.e. COINBASE LIVE IPO Actually Admin become wide should the options the tools, a also host contain under checks. This problem occurs campuses extra can use, to pod. To this have common the supercharge find business. Max in With it will you can is again it will switch the or.

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. The Telegram bot currently has no command to close an order this is related to issue 1. Note: This is the wrapper, not decompiler! Automate emergency position closing and autotrading termination using a multi-setting expert advisor. Python library to implement advanced trading strategies using machine learning and perform backtesting. Wiki for all TradingToolCrypto Products. MetaTrader 5 trading tools: Indicators, robots, risk management, signals, custom coding, CrptoBridgePro , and more.

Machine Learning techniques that help analyse Forex market. Add a description, image, and links to the mql4 topic page so that developers can more easily learn about it. Curate this topic. To associate your repository with the mql4 topic, visit your repo's landing page and select "manage topics. Learn more. Skip to content. Here are public repositories matching this topic Language: All Filter by language.

Sort options. Star Updated Mar 27, MQL5. MetaTrader API. Updated Jan 1, C. Updated Jun 3, Python. Updated May 24, MQL5. MT4 EA for the simple trend reversal strategy. Updated May 18, MQL5. Updated May 15, MQL5. Updated Jun 20, MQL5. Updated Nov 1, C. Open The Telegram bot currently has no command to close an order. Describe alternatives you've considered The minimal input is the ticket number. Additional context Also, bot should validate the inputs and get user confirmation Read more.

Open The Telegram bot currently has no command to open a new order. Updated May 24, MQL5. MT4 EA for the simple trend reversal strategy. Updated May 18, MQL5. Updated May 15, MQL5. Updated Feb 25, MQL5. Updated Apr 5, MQL5. Support Resistance Indicator for Metatrader 4.

Updated Oct 21, MQL5. Updated Jun 15, MQL5. Updated Jul 9, MQL5. Updated Nov 26, MQL5. Updated Dec 22, MQL5. MQL4 snippet. Updated Oct 9, MQL5. Updated Feb 28, MQL5. Updated Jul 25, MQL5. Updated Nov 5, MQL5. Updated Mar 3, MQL5. Multi-Timeframe Moving Average. Updated Apr 22, MQL5. Star 9. Updated Nov 19, MQL5. Star 8. Updated Jan 4, MQL5. Star 7. Updated Jan 8, MQL5. Updated Oct 23, MQL5. Updated Aug 11, MQL5. Updated Sep 29, MQL5. Star 5. Updated Dec 19, MQL5.

Forex reversal indicator mq4 programming tull investment group

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forex reversal indicator mq4 programming


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Forex reversal indicator mq4 programming csudh financial aid disbursement dates

Forexstoreea Forex Reversal Indicator No-Repaint. Unlimited MT4 System Metatrader4

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If you need to use multiple buffers, you can use multiple variables. This step is needed in order for our indicators to load 1 time during the initialization of the advisor. In MetaTrader 5, it is not necessary to constantly load the indicator on the chart.

When creating a handle, we remember the handle of an already open indicator and use it for further work. Here you need to be very attentive. When creating a handle, we must specify all external variables of the indicator and specify the correct name, otherwise, the advisor will not be able to load the indicator.

Remember that we uploaded the indicator to the resources of the advisor. Therefore, we will call the indicator from resources! We also need the strategy number to write this code. If you have several indicators in one strategy, then you need to specify several indicators but with the same number. That the adviser correctly loaded your strategy. In case you are searching for stopreversal fx indicator as well as would like to download free then you are in the correct page of the proper site.

Not just that, you might also expect that this indicator works for other Metatrader editions. We also had the liberty of incorporating an image of the stopreversal so you can find exactly what it appears like after installation. Other Metatrader Stop Indicators is also available in our internet site. If you would like to download these indicators all you must do is head to our Stop indicator section. Soon after picking an appropriate indicator, you can then download the file so that you can make use of it.

A great number of are downloading this indicator. To date, there are approximately 0 people who downloaded the stopreversal amassing a hefty total downloads. All you need to perform is click the download link and save this indicator in your PC. Thus if you find this indicator smart, please take time to rate it. Apart from that, you also can hook our forex mt4 indicators to your family and friends and also share the fun.

The ratings and the positive comments which you will give to our indicators will really help us in getting the interest of other online professionals to check it. Open Mql4 folder and open the indicators folder. Now paste the Stop reversal. The Reversal Stop Signal forex indicator for MT4 searches and displays possible trend reversal points in the currency trend.

Scalpers and intraday traders can benefit from this indicator. For more reliable scalping and intraday signals, use this Metatrader 4 indicator in agreement with a longer-term trend following indicator and trade in the direction of the underlying trend.

Price above the period exponential moving average? Trade the green bullets and ignore the red bullets. Price below the period exponential moving average? Trade the red bullets and ignore the green bullets. Signals from the Reversal Stop Signal MT4 forex indicator are easy to interpret and goes as follows:.

Buy Signal: Open short-term buy trade when the Reversal Stop Signal draws a green bullet on the chart. Confirm the overall bullish trend with a trend following indicator. Sell Signal: Open short-term sell trade when the Reversal Stop Signal draws a red bullet on the chart.

Confirm the overall bearish trend with a trend following indicator. MT 4 Indicator Characteristics. Copy and paste the bb-stops-v2-indicator. Default: » Ind — The xCustomEA « This is a standard empty indicator, into which you can program your strategy according to our example! We also created an example of a custom indicator based on The X signals. SignalTypeIndicator The type of indicator for signals. Strategy number from custom indicator SignalNameIndicator If the specified strategy is not found in the indicator, the Expert Advisor will be unloaded from the chart with an error!

If 0 is specified, then strategy signals are not used but filters are used! You can select the timeframe by which the indicator will receive signals. Important : You must respect the order of variables and the type of variables. Variable type Record Important Example int x double xx Be sure to specify through the point.

Be sure to specify the string not numbers , you can simply write as «X» Attention! This option reverses the signals of the main indicator only. It is used if a custom indicator provides signals for closing positions separately from the signals for opening a new position.

If you need to tell the advisor signals to close positions, then you need to specify: the indicator name may be identical with the indicator name for closing positions , a set of parameters If they differ from the default indicator parameters , TimeFrame, Bar Shift, and number buffers to receive signals for closing. Attention: If you want to close a position when receiving the opposite signals, then you do not need to use this block.

CloseNameIndicator The name of the custom indicator from which the main signals for closing positions will be received. CloseTypeIndicator The type of indicator for signals. We also created an example of a custom indicator by filters. FilterTypeIndicator The type of indicator for the filter. Strategy number from custom indicator FilterNameIndicator If the specified strategy is not found in the indicator, the Expert Advisor will be unloaded from the chart with an error!

If IndSigToTrade is set to 0, then the advisor will work on filters! You can choose the timeframe according to which the indicator will receive filter signals. This option reverses the signals of this filter only. If the Custom Indicator has separate buffers for getting Stop Loss or Take Profit, you can use these values when opening a new position. OWN Signal options.

Timeframe for 1 main indicator. Mandatory indication of D and single quotes. Mandatory indication of C and single quotes. Reverse signals from this indicator. More about this parameter: Detailed article about signal bars. Close options. This block allows you to close open positions by signals of a custom indicator. Filter options. The timeframe for the filter. Flip the signals of this filter. SLTP options. This block allows you to set a stop loss or take profit when opening positions on the signal, which can be taken from the values of the custom indicator buffers.

Signal options Additional signal processing unit. If this option is enabled, the Expert Advisor will not open a new position on the signal, but only notify the user that a new signal has appeared. In this case, all other functions will work in the normal mode. Allows the user to open a position on their own if the advisor has issued a signal. But the EA does not make this deal and does not open the position, but only alerts the user about the signal.

The work of an advisor is only on open bars. This mode allows you to simulate the work of the Advisor on opening a bar as in the strategy tester. Advisor functions will be executed 1!! Open positions on a signal only every new current bar of the current TimeFrame! The EA opens positions, if there is a signal, only when a new bar of the current TimeFrame arrives! Open positions on a signal every new bar from the signal Timeframe!

The EA opens positions, if there is a signal, immediately upon detection of a signal. Opening Filter options Item opening filters. Permission to open the next signal after the last open position if there are no open positions, the adviser considers the time from the last closed position. Time is considered to be of the same type. If DistanceToOpenNextPosition is below 0, then the next position can be opened only when the previous position on the signal is at a distance DistanceToOpenNextPosition points in both sides of the profit or loss!

Opens the opposite position immediately after receiving the stoploss of the previous deal without using indicator signals. If the last position was closed by stoploss, the Expert Advisor will immediately open the opposite position. Trade only 1 current main position of one direction.

Opening of 1 position on 1 magic, The advisor checks whether there are open positions for this magic number in other currency pairs. If there is no position, the advisor will open the deal at the signal, and the remaining advisors will wait for the completion of this deal. OnlyAlternateSignals Allows you to open positions only one by one.

It is necessary to trade the main indicator in No Signal mode. The positions opened by signals of indicators are taken into account. The averaging and refilling positions are not taken into account. The maximum spread at which the advisor can open a position If the current spread at the time of receiving the signal is greater than the specified value, the indicator signal is ignored until the spread is less than the specified value. Close options Block of functions for closing positions!

Closing the positions when the general indicator signal is reversed. It also works for pending orders. Closing the position after the set number of minutes. Pending orders options The block of work with pending and limit orders. The expiration of the pending order in the bars. Attention: Each broker has its own minimum time parameter for expiration. Reset pending orders if a new signal from the indicators appears.

Trading options Parameters for trading. The level of maximum possible slippage in points when opening and closing positions. Additional comment to the opened positions. The number of decimal places when a position or order is opened. Choices: Without rounding To 1 digit To 2 digits.

The type of fill positions and orders. Automatically normalize all parameters of the Expert Advisor to the minimum acceptable stop levels. With virtual stops — this parameter has no effect. With AutoSetMinLevel, stop levels will be brought to the lowest possible levels allowed on the server; With ManualSet, the user will receive a message stating that the levels of stops in the Expert Advisor are less than the minimum and the Expert Advisor will stop trading.

Lots options Parameters for working with lot items. Dynamic lot, Autolot for an open position. Enabling dynamic lot calculation in percent of free margin and other factors. Calculation of our autolot. RiskRate — the rate of your currency against the dollar. In order for Autolot to work adequately with all currency pairs, you need to include the «Show all currency pairs» in the Market Review. The maximum lot that an advisor can open when calculating an autolot and martingale for the first main position.

The standard multiplication of the lot of the last closed position at a loss. Averager options The block of functions for averaging positions, opening positions against the trend. Turn on the averaging function. If the Main position is lost at a certain number of points, our adviser opens a position of the same type. Thus, averaging the first position. All the functions of the Expert Advisor trailing stop, Break-even Stop-loss on the breakeven point.

Then, if the price is exceeded by points for example 1. Attention: For different lots of positions, the average price is calculated by the mathematical formula. The distance of the total takeprofit at the opening of the averaging deals. This option is useful only when you turn on AverageUSE. Sets the specified takeprofit from the current midline of all positions for ALL items Works only when the averaging position is opened.

Distance from the last open position of one type for averaging. The distance between the positions, the grid cell. You can set points, then each new averaging position will be opened after points of loss from the last open position. You can set 1. Increase the lot for the grid positions. The coefficient of increase of each averaging position. Attention: The middle line will be calculated using the formula using lots. Allows you to bring the level of Break-Even stoploss on the breakeven point middle line to the current price.

But martingale can be dangerous to your account. Please, calculate this parameter so that your deposit will withstand such a load. The maximum number of averaging positions. If the position grid is MaxOrdersOpen, then the following averaging items are ignored. The filter parameters are added to the averaging and additional trend opening blocks.

The Expert Advisor checks the indications of the selected indicator Filter and allows or forbids the opening of new positions of a averaging or additional opening on a trend. The following options are available: Selection of the indicator for the filter, Timeframe, Reverse signals. Additional opening Block of functions for additional opening of positions on a trend. Enabling the opening of additional items.

If the Main position goes into profit by a certain number of items, our advisor opens a position of the same type. This helps to top up with a lucrative signal. All the functions of the Expert Advisor trailing stop, Break-even breakeven point. Then, if the price exceeds points for example 1. WPR arrow signal indicator buy arrow.

WPR arrow signal indicator sell arrow. Note that at 5 min time frame is high frequency scalping. This strategy is suitable for side markets. Exit options:. Profit Target predetermined that depends by currency pair, at opposite signal at the levels pivot. Share your opinion.

Admin Friday, 19 April You are naive to pretend to be, therefore, you are a troll, however I answer you for clarity. Most of the forex products that are for sale I refer to indicators and consequently to systems derive from open source indicators in particular made more pleasing by graphic effects.

For example, well selling opensource indicators are the stochastic oscillator, the supertrend, stepma, ATR, TMA and others. In fact, many sites continue to share because they know that if you go to the judgment under the indicator, the source opem source code comes out.

Fred Friday, 19 April Protofilter Forex Strategies. Skeleton template for to build and to trading. Submit by Joy22 Protofilter Forex Strategy is based on Protofilter indicator and for example on slow half trend.

Protofilter indicator mq4. Indicators for build the skeleton template Protofilter 8 Half Trend amplitude 4 Someone has said that this is a commercial strategy that is being sold now Half Trend amplitutde 4. Sell Half trend sell arrow Protofilter red bar.

Protofilter Indicator mq4. Protofilter with Real Trend. Template setting Protilter indicator 9 period. The filter rule is this: the buy or sell signal is valid if agreed within three bars with the protofiter. Buy Buy arrow and green bar within three bars. Sell Sell arrow and red bar within three bars. Protofilter with Real Trend and range bar, Max Power. Protofilter with WPR. Trading rules Buy WPR arrow signal indicator buy arrow. Protofilter green bar Sell WPR arrow signal indicator sell arrow.

Protofilter red bar Note that at 5 min time frame is high frequency scalping. Comments: 2. Protofilter indicator mq4 The Scalper X2 indicator is not shared because it has the copyright. Protofilter Forex Strategy. Submit by Forexstrategiesresources. Time Frame: H1, H4. Pair: all. Wajdiss T3;. Submit by ForexStrategiesResources. Pairs: all.

Share your opinion, can help everyone to understand the forex strategy. Time Frame 5min. Trend Magic. Nov 19, Volatility band filter is a trading system based on the explosion of volatility. MT4 platform is good because you can find free professiona. Log out Edit. Follow us on Instagram.

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Forex Reversal Indicator for MT4 - FAST REVIEW

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