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Forex advisors mq4

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forex advisors mq4

One of the biggest advantages of using MetaTrader 4 is that it comes with very high-quality Expert Advisors. In Forex trading, Expert. Generator for forex trading expert advisor systems compatible with all forex brokers offering the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform. View our Forex robots. The MQL4 code is attached in viewable MQ4 format below for free download and use. Download the free MT4 expert advisor now! You may post this MT4 expert advisor. FINANCIAL GRAPHICS This you, here the live support, reside secure devices the the. ComponentOne is an v1 Central the University. The can in a full-width, you for.

It allows the trader to program the expert advisor trading system without any difficulties, which will trade in online mode day and night. Programmers familiar with this language will not have any difficulties in doing the job.

For ordinary users, this will be a more difficult task. You can create your own technical indicators for more effective work by the advisors. They will be a great addition to the existing indicators in the MetaTrader 4 terminal. The purpose of using advisors indicators is to implement analytic functions and generate trading signals.

They have the function of an independent trading system and dub the trading signals. They are very popular with beginners and were created specifically to demonstrate the abilities of programming the MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal. The possibilities in creating your own forex advisor are simply dazzling.

You can set various orders by price and time, automatically open the counter orders, etc. These programs are able to replace the trader at their workplace. The expert advisor trading terminal can not only write advisors but also check them on historical data before using them, which is another unique feature of using the advisors. Testing is very useful since it helps to measure the ability and effectiveness of a mechanical trading system on historical data, estimating the chances of future earnings and errors.

If you have tested the advisor and know how it might behave in different market conditions, you can begin trading without a need to intervene. For this purpose, the terminal has a special window where you can also optimize the input parameters of advisors. Beginners may think that expert advisor trading is very complicated. It is not so. After about a month, any trader can begin to program their own automated trading system. Even if you are hesitant about trusting your money to a computer program, you can configure the advisor to five sound alerts, which will greatly facilitate your work so that you spend less time on graphical analysis expecting a signal to open and close positions.

You can find lots of advisors forex robots on the Internet, but getting a profitable one is very difficult, and using every single one is exhausting and may result in depleting your deposit. That is why you are advised against buying the first advisor you come across. Many advisors demonstrate excellent results when tested on one currency pair, but perform poorly on others. It is better to use the advisor for those instruments that you have tested on. This website uses cookies. We use cookies to target and personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising including NextRoll Inc. The DayProfit SE is a trading Expert Advisor that offers traders the ability to customize the trading settings according to their personal needs in the Forex trading market. Whenever you go to your profile in the terminal and add the EA, these settings will be automatically applied. You can either leave all the settings unchanged or change them according to your preferences.

There are a lot of people who are very actively using this EA every single day. By backtesting the trading EA in numerous different market settings, the company was able to create a trading EA that is able to provide profits for traders. The company also offers very detailed, step-by-step instructions for installing and configuring the Expert Advisor to make sure that you do everything correctly. While all of these four Expert Advisors that we have discussed today are really good, not all of them can work for every trader.

Remember that the best free expert advisor for MT4 and for you is the one that fits your personal trading needs the best. Created in , this Expert Advisor has been backtested really well. There are a lot of people who are using this trading Expert Advisor and most of them report really good profits. The company behind Zeus EA is Elite CurrenSea, and it has been reported that the Expert Advisor is capable of providing traders with profits of percent each month.

Yes, Forex trading Expert Advisors really work. In fact, our expert advisor review for MT4 shows that some of the EAs available in the market are capable of providing traders very high returns. The top MT4 EAs in the Forex trading market is capable of analyzing the market as well as trading currency pairs for traders, which makes them very helpful.

You can download MT4 EA very easily and install it on your platform in just a few minutes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.

It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Elite CurrenSea. Sign up. Elite CurrenSea Author. Subscribe Receive last updates and news. Award Winning Momentum Trading Promo. Account Growth:. Historical Drawdown:. This comment form is under antispam protection. Notify of. Related articles Education. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Necessary Always Enabled.

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Just download the data exporter. You can then drag and drop the EX4 indicator to any MetaTrader chart. The data files contain historical records and continuously update in real time. You can use this data yourself or connect it to other charting programs. The data exporter was created for users of the Ramp Program but anyone can use the MetaTrader data exporter in any way they like.

It does not need to be connected to Ramp. License If you use the data exporter in the Ramp Program, it is free. After you purchase the data exporter you will be taken to a down page. To use the free data downloader with Ramp, follow the simple instructions below.

Exported Data. The fields are record number, date, time, open, high, low, close and volume. Each currency pair file will have historical records. There will be one. These real time data files can be used in any way you like. On this page, we have connected the files to the Ramp Programs automatic trendline feature.

Click here to open and or download a sample. Ramp Automatic Trendline Video. This video was made using the data from the MT4 Expert Advisor data exporter. Once set up, this will all happen in real time. Step 3: Be sure that you are running MetaTrader 4 as the administrator. Find the application file named "terminal" or "terminal.

Right click on the file and select "Properties" and then the "Compatibility" tab. You will see the image to the right. Check "Run this program as the administrator". Click on "Change settings for all users" and then "Apply". A folder navigation window will pop up. MT4 Indicators Selection Image. Summary: MetaTrader exports data to its own "files" folder. Ramp and other programs can read the files from that folder. Ramp is a stand alone application and does not run within the MetaTrader program.

Only the MT4 expert advisor indicator runs within MetaTrader. As long as you have the indicator attached to an open chart, that chart is feeding data to the files folder where any program can read it. In the Ramp Program, don't forget to request the same currency pair symbols and time frames you are exporting with MetaTrader 4. Actions opening and closing market orders take place clockwise on the following pictures. Order opening and closing criteria correlation a and b - correct, c - incorrect.

The most popular variant of a correctly formed trading criteria is the variant a. After being opened a market order Buy is held upon till the moment when criterion requiring its closing triggers. After that a pause occurs when no orders are opened. Further a market order Sell can be opened. Conditions for closing a Sell order in accordance with correctly formed criteria occur earlier, than conditions for opening a Buy order.

However, a Buy order can be opened once again, if a trading criterion requires this. But according to this variant a market order cannot be opened if there is an open market order in the contrary direction. Similar criteria correlation is in the variant b. The difference is that a criterion for opening any market order is at the same time a criterion for closing the opposite order. This variant like the variant a does not allow several orders opened in the terminal at the same time on one security.

The variant of criteria correlation is incorrect. According to this variant opening of a market order is allowed when contrary orders are not closed yet, which is senseless. There can be rare cases when this variant is partially justified.

Opening of an opposite order is sometimes acceptable for compensating losses occurring at small corrections after strong price movements. In such cases an opposite order can be opened of the same or smaller value than the already existing one and then closed when the correction is over. Such a tactic allows not to interfere with the "main" order opened in the trend direction.

In general case several one-direction orders are also possible. This may be justified when an earlier opened order is protected by a Stop order and the criterion pointing at the price development in the same direction triggered once again.

However, when creating such a strategy, a developer must be fully aware that in case of a sharp price movement change the placed stop orders may be unexecuted by some brokers at the first price touch. And the loss will be proportionate to the total value of one-directional market orders. In our example we use variant b of trading criteria correlation. All opened market orders are closed either by a stop order or after a criterion of opening an order in opposite direction triggers here criterion of closing Buy coincides with that of opening Sell and vice versa.

In any trading strategy order sizes should be reasonably limited. In a simple case a fixed order size is used in an Expert Advisor. Before EA operation start, a user can set any size of future orders and leave it unchanged for some time.

Further if balance changes, a user can set up a new value of lot numbers of opened orders. A too small order size provides more confidence in operation at the unpredictable market change, but the profit in case of success will be not so large. If the order size is too large, large profit can be acquired, but such an EA will be too risky. In this example both variants are implemented.

A user may choose either to indicate directly values of orders or set the value in percentage from the free margin. A simple trend Expert Advisor tradingexpert. One more criterion in program estimation is its readability. A program is considered to be correctly written, if it can be easily read by other programmers, that's why all main program parts and main moments characterizing the strategy must be commented.

This is also why it is recommended to declare and comment all variables at the beginning of the program. According to rules, external and global variables must be opened before their first usage see Types of Variables , that's why they are declared in the program head part. All local variables of the function start are gathered and described in the upper function part block immediately after the function header.

Rules of declaring local variables do not require it, but also do not prohibit. If a programmer faces difficulties in understanding the meaning of a variable when reading the program, he can refer to the upper program part and find out the meaning and type of any variable. It is very convenient in programming practice. In this example the preprocessing consists of two parts block The program terminates operation if there are not enough bars in a security window; in such a case it is impossible to detect correctly in block values of moving averages necessary for calculating criteria.

Besides here the value of the variable Work is analyzed. In the normal EA operation the variable value is always 'true' it is set once during initialization. If a critical error occurs in the program operation, 'false' is assigned to this variable and start finishes its operation. This value will not change in future, that is why the following code is not executed. In such a case the program operation must be stopped and the reason for the critical error must be detected if needed, a dealing center must be contacted.

After the situation is solved, the program can be started once again, i. The described Expert Advisor allows working only with one market order. The task of the orders accounting block block is to define characteristics of an opened order, if there is one. In each cycle iteration the next order is selected by the function OrderSelect. If the selection is executed successfully i. In the line:. Operator 'continue' stops the iteration and characteristics of such an order are not processed.

But if the order is opened for the security, to the window of which the EA is attached, it is further analyzed. If OrderType returns value more than 1 see Types of Trades , the selected order is a pending one. But in this Expert Advisor managing pending orders is not provided. It means the execution of start must be terminated, because a conflict situation occurred. In such a case after a message about the operation termination start execution is stopped by the operator 'return'.

If the last check showed that the analyzed order is a market order, the total number of orders for a security is calculated and analyzed. For the first of such orders all necessary characteristics are defined. If in the next iteration the order counter variable Total finds the second market order, the situation is also considered to be conflict, because the EA cannot manage more than one market order. In such a case start execution is stopped after showing a corresponding message.

As a result of the order accounting block execution if all checks were successful the variable Total preserves its zero value if there are no market orders, or gets the value 1 if there is a market order for our security. In the latter case some variables set in correspondence with the order characteristics number, type, opening price, stop levels and order value also get their values. In the analyzed example definition of trading criteria block is calculated on the bases of difference between Moving Averages with different periods of averaging.

According to accepted criteria a chart is bull-directed if the current value of the MA with smaller period is larger than the value of MA with larger period, and the difference between the values is larger than a certain value.

In a bear movement MA with smaller period is lower than MA with larger period and the difference is also larger than a certain critical value. The fact of significance of any trading criterion is expressed via the value of a corresponding variable. In this case the criterion for closing Sell coincides with that for opening Buy, criterion for opening Sell coincides with that for closing Buy. It was written earlier that this Expert Advisor is intended for operation only with one market order opened for a security, to which window the EA is attached.

To the moment when control in the program is passed to the order closing block it is known for sure that at the current moment there are either no orders for the security, or there is only one market order. That's why the code in orders closing block is written so that only one order can be closed successfully. This block is based on the infinite loop 'while', the body of which consists of two analogous parts: one for closing a Buy order, another for closing a Sell order.

In the header of the first operator 'if' condition for closing a Buy order is calculated Sell orders are closed in the analogous way. If the type of an earlier opened order corresponds to Buy see Types of Trades and the sign for closing Buy is relevant, control is passed to the body of 'if' operator where a request to close is formed.

As an order closing price in the function OrderClose the value of a two-sided quote corresponding to the order type is indicated see Requirements and Limitations in Making Trades. If a trade operation is executed successfully, after a message about the order closing is shown the current 'while' iteration is stopped and the execution of the order closing block is over. Critical errors are divided into two types - those, after which a program execution can be continued for example, a common error and those, after which execution of any trade operations must be stopped for example, blocked account.

If the function returns 0, the current start execution is stopped. If during error processing it is found out that further program execution is senseless for example the program operates on an old client terminal version during the next start the execution of the special function start will be terminated in the block of preliminary processing when analyzing the value of the variable Work. Amount of lots can be calculated in accordance with a user's settings following one of the two variants.

The first variant is a certain constant value set up by a user. According to the second variant the amount of lots is calculated on the basis of a sum equal to a certain percentage set by a user of a free margin. At the beginning of the block of defining the amount of lots for new orders block necessary values of some variables are calculated - minimal allowed amount of lots and step of lot change set up by a broker, free margin and price of one lot for the security.

In this example the following is provided. If a user has set up a certain non-zero value of the external variable Lts, for example 0. If 0 is assigned to Lts, the number of lots Lts is defined on the basis of the variable Prots percentage , free margin and conditions set up by a broker. After Lts is calculated, a check is conducted. If this value is lower than the minimal allowed value, the minimal allowed value is accepted.

The block of opening orders block like the bloke of opening orders is an infinite loop 'while'. In such a case after rates are refreshed prices for stop levels are calculated. Values of stop levels are initially set by a user in external variables StopLoss and TakeProfit. In a general case a user can set values for this parameters smaller that a broker allows.

Besides a broker may change the minimal allowed distance at any moment it is an often case at strong market movements, for example, before important news release. That's why before each order opening stop levels must be calculate taking into account values set bu a user and the minimal allowed value set up by a broker. If the value set by a user corresponds to a broker's requirements, this value is returned. If it is smaller than the allowed value, the value allowed by a broker is used.

Prices of stop requests are calculated from the corresponding two-sided quote see Requirements and Limitations in Making Trades. A trade request to open an order is formed using the function OrderSend. For the calculation of order opening price and prices of stop requests the two-sided quote values corresponding to the order type are used.

If a trade operation was successful i. If an order was not opened and the client terminal returned an error, the error is processed according to the algorithm described earlier. The analyzed Expert Advisor code is oriented to the implementation of a certain strategy. Note, some program lines contain variables and calculations that would be changed, if the strategy were changed.

For example, according to the accepted strategy the Expert Advisor is developed to work only with one order. This allowed to use the variable Ticket both for the identification of a closing order number in block of closing and for the identification of a success of a trade operation execution when opening an order in the block of opening In this case such a solution is acceptable. However, if we take the analyzed code as the basis for the implementation of another strategy for example allow opposite orders we will have to introduce one or several variables to be able to recognize numbers of opened orders and identify the success of trade operations.

In further strategy modifications we will have to change come program lines containing part of logics contained in the source strategy. Namely in the order accounting block we will not have to terminate the program operation if there are several open orders for a security.

Besides, conditions for opening and closing orders will alslo change. This will entail the code changing in blocks of opening and closing orders. On the basis of this analysis we can easily conclude that the described simple Expert Advisor is not perfect.

In a general case, for the implementation of order accounting one should use a universal function based on using data arrays and not containing logics of a certain strategy. The same can be said about the blocks of opening and closing orders. A more complete program must contain a main analytical function, all other user-defined functions must be subordinate to it. This analytical function must contain a program code, in which all conditions for the implementation of any strategy are analyzed; all subordinate functions must perform limited actions.

The function of accounting orders must only account orders, functions of opening and closing orders must only open and close orders, and the analytical function must "think" and manage all other functions, i. Problem Create a trading Expert Advisor. Preliminary Arguments Before starting to program a trading Expert Advisor, it is necessary to define general principles of a future program.

Structure of a Simple Expert Advisor Below is a structural scheme of a simple Expert Advisor constructed on the basis of several functional blocks, in each block a certain detached part of calculations. Trading Strategy Market prices are constantly moving.

Trading Criteria In this example we will try to construct a trend Expert Advisor, i. Number of Orders In this example we analyze an Expert Advisor that admits presence of only one market order, pending orders are not provided. Relation of Trading Criteria From this position it becomes clear what relations are possible between trading criteria. Size of Opened Orders In any trading strategy order sizes should be reasonably limited.

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