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Forex platen 20 mm shell

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forex platen 20 mm shell

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Newton told. It was served yesterday by Mr R. Ashokan who wants the High Court to reject a disciplinary inquiry. Telepac is a computerised information exchange service between countries. Page The prosecution had contended that there should be a joint trial as the evidence, witnesses and exhibits were. During his three-day visit, he will also discuss matters of. There have been five previous fires m old Beauty World. The area, well known m the past for its hawkers, is being demolished.

Already, nine Straits Settlements coins, from between to , have been found. Only one coin, an Queen. The case will be mentioned. Subsequent withdrawals can be made every three years. But the employee will. Diamonds case: Dealer acquitted L. District Judge Syed Alwee bin Alsree.

Work will begin m February next year and. The campaign, which aimed at creating awareness and understanding of productivity, won the award against stiff competition from a record number. Robbery suspect nabbed and two guns seized POLICE scored twin successes In tbe past two days with the seizure of two guns and the arrest of an armed robbery suspect.

On Tuesday,. The cases. This is where quality control circles QCCs m hotels can play a part, said the executive director of the National Productivity Board,. The Peninsula Hotel Shopping Complex. Coleman Street.

I 4 4 At these prices, if here Ye better value sets, buy hem! All prices below cost. The incident occurred at about 3 p. The machinery, comprising bulldozers, tractors and other equipment, was bought. The radioactive waste dump m Papan, 13 km from here, will pose no danger to humans or the environment, Perak State Secretary Mohamad Nurzid Mohamad Wali said today. Its construction followed strictly the safety measures and specifications set out by. Buenos Aires knows, as much as any other country, the consequences that it will have to face if it is bent on defaulting on repayment.

It is not worthy of sympathy if that is what. Please tell us about it. Secondary school. If he Is still around, there seems to be a job waiting for him. Reward those in clean estates The conservancy charges THE Housing Board levies conservancy charges based on the size of the flats rather than on the cost of maintaining the flats themselves. Although not a few residents take great care of their flats they still have to pay the same rates. Channel water to cistern One way to save water, and money I WOULD like the authorities to look into the feasibility of channelling the water from the face washing basin m our homes to the cistern m the toilet.

In this way, there is no need to use clean drinkable. I went to a photographic shop which prominently advertises that colour prints are processed m one hour for 25 cents each. ST, May ST, April The mini-school bus drivers are not allowed to park m the school car park because it is already congested. Drivers can wait for their pupils by the roadside outside the. Based upon the results of our employment survey of fresh graduates conducted m tr last two years, more than 96 per cent of them were able to get employment within a period of three.

ST, June 5. We are sorry he had difficulty m trying to get through our telephone system. This probably happened during the peak hours. Our telephone equipment has a capacity for only 40 lines. When all the lines. ST, June We turned off a busy highway, on to a narrow lane that led into the kampung. What a delightful contrast. Many of Its dedicated professionals and technocrats, m public and.

A repertoire of. On balance, most prices were mixed to slightly easier. The market opened at about overnight levels despite the. Wall Street gain ignored and market ends lower LED by the finance sector, share prices were generally lower yesterday.

The local stock market apparently ignored the overnight improvement on Wall Street and share prices opened weaker as investors remained nervous whilst trying to assess recent reports that US economic growth. Since the introduction of its special family package on June 1, Singaporeans have taken up more than of the twonight packages.

A spokesman said the hotel was. Refiners have had to bay Malaysian crude oil at higher than market rates. To what extent St Michael. He said Malaysia expected to export 3. Further because j al dealings at a particular price are grouped together, the table. Source Rothschild. The International.

The buffer stock manager was again the main buyer at this level while continued scattered buying from Japanese and local interests was evident. Tokyo 20 Yen Chinje Aijnofnoto unch Ako. Trading was quiet. The greenback was also quietly traded against major currencies with most operators staying on the sidelines awaiting the release of US GNP figures. Against the Deutschemark, it opened at 2. Aseambankers Malaysia Bhd, which has been appointed independent adviser to Supreme and its shareholders, stated.

The Malaysian Business Times reported yesterday. Broxo Test helps you to identify the parts of your teeth which needs scaling. Ladle that tells the weight IT LOOKS like an ordinary ladle but it doubles up as a weighing scale for solids and liquids up to grammes.

The ladle-scale from Switzerland can be hand held for weighing although it can be mounted on the wall as well. You then conveniently. The sizer is available m either metric or imperial measurements and can be operated by unskilled labour, says the manufacturer. The sizer is. Tell us ARE you breaking new ground In research? HAS your company come up with an Ingenious new product? HAVE you got a bright Idea you want the world to know about?

Then tell Innovations about It. A spokesman for. An EGM will be held on July The Capital Issues Committee has earlier approved the rights issue. Price negotiable. Satisfaction guaranteed. Also varnishing and parquet sanding.

V, video, hi-fi system, antennae Installation. Service guaranteed. Call Financial. Help is on the H I way. Wellscreened, hardworking. IBM PC experience optional. Previous working knowledge of Management Spreadsheet and Accounting software, a definite advantage. An; We require additional clerical staff to H support our expansion programme m both our Marsiling and Kallang plants. NCR machine etc. Able to keep full set of Accounts up to Balance Sheet. Pleasant disposition. We offer attractive remuneration and medical fringe benefits.

Please apply. R QUir nv fitsi a Female age 18 and above. Training provided for mexperiRemuneration will be commensurate. Requirements: c Ability to type at 40 w. In addition to an attractive salary, we offer: c 5 day work. Ability to type Pleasant personality. Interested applicants, pleese write m with contact telephone. Box Singapore with full particulars and contact telephone number Established property company.

Experience not necessary but must be hardworking. Cal personally Blk 5. H I Electronic Copiers. Completed Secondary 3. Applicants must have smart appearance and can speak English. Ishizafci Building. Please apply personally at Enggor Street. Realty Centre. We are setting up a spray painting section m our factory m Jurong and require: Spray. Must be prepared to work shifts and overtime. Applicants please call personally for interview at: r Times Jurong No.

No shift work. Age 16 to No experience required. B For. Ability to converse m simple English and Mandarin. Able to work 2 rotating shifts. Experience not necessary as training will be provided. Time: 9am 4. Those proved capable will be promoted and to go abroad Interested please call M Changi Road.

Must possess Class 2 licence. Those who stay around dlst 14 to Call personally for Interview at: Blk 8,. Able to ride bicycle. Please contact Mr. Preferably Ang Mo Klo residents. SEennt tu tie In v. PlrUtflnK ft Cft M n. U BLunt, Nj-w Vrirk. MltmlCT S hot. I-'ir-cil through A i min rblc in L-csKin.

I nth shell. L In: i. Hlkil whh u! Sftbnl nT. JLs j -. IT-: I. II ih. Eh : e pirtliia; f", V. Ltr ilitli, II I,h. LlefiecLii, T imrhca hi diametei'. Eme pLu-'r : n c e. Hpaoish pouml Powder tjiki 11 fri-m :-j!. In flakes bli. Jl tLet bos. Pail Of Iron SSiril, i.

Is tiicJ Hi! Puerto I-:; We huive 3jiiJ frequenl ca. Js fraa? I riysidans fo: irun rafti B 00 IP "10 11 kl. Rellga, 20 cents each. Broken Fxrt Crane 9 inch Shell, showin g two parti. M itra. Indian j, r. S Deirnt:, EEC.. S l S" a v v bpaniab Wurl-lo.

Utt frn. Sflft-potind Heel fcraor-pkKiHff lh;. Relic Fine waHte-rApef rc- ccptaekL, ffice. MJ0 each. Sl'-bf» Frkf, fir. V 1 e S'avyCannonGaa Checks f r m. Wllb lipe-luie prajr. EIL'Jl sh'e. BIJ vi l. ZHHi i. IHe l. OtK- Fb. UMi Pi i:. Saen e n:a. Pi ice. A JGper S. In Ilir spring uf Parked in P. Off L'. SprlflUriieTrS n» '. Price, f 15 tier 1. In- Lep4e. I nr use cn che He«J i. L'lCM -. Sii Emi per hm r. ALA 4Jm. JIlp U S. N Any nf i! U'iiT Cijpfljifl PvimtrS. I" t ari: «-l 'T. UVen trurn H. Lm i Hi Cn-nniiLCf illfft sn.

Ts Cepper tietUe. Mlhlc J. MAi iiif fnqi4 :Ciu-. K ' hlmlr-M rngravLi! CaKHdiep BfEn. W fe-pU per S. A M Mvder Rnd -all, piy-er. Ly I'. Wiih V. I'--Ch l! H «- I r v,-ji wrecked wEulf on Hie. Eii -. Cm nrt hoy undfi ci. Jt'Li t. I 1 rktij 7Z cert I ALa--! J Bultk. V' J- Tin I. T r lent he-! L Or;.! LOmpji'i 1 T '.. S VtB. M, G in LAlcb. F-'rLc e. Aoie lirp. Made L-y u. Ert Santiago, CwbS. I ncL. Pnoo, Uj. Army Men SSifE! M 4 Vi'. Army tiLHh. HR BfJce.

IP mOQ pcf f.. Ine back; 3 UL l Uhd-lland fair i. C order! Fi ic. Sctlnff We bavr nav-. I b I'-cur, sri. Fit aim ll re- VfllvqT. I'lke order. Pr ice. W ceALi each. V, Ci. OtnT W. Learhcf; lEned wjtb woo! Ill i'O. Firic Sper. Made « l polished etli wtrad: laid lip like a bni ; uic-as-urr. Each, AiLL l que,!. With rru. R Are e.

Prlue, ISlS. Fiiril-anck SiJacniL f Gun, with ir. Like ob-w. Price fld. Pcrcltlifon ciaallty. AJtiaurE fl. Price fllfi. HrUe,, J3. PiCce, 13JD pair. Military- Pnwfltr Honta. Price, ff. JVL Li rgc-ilied. P iwdci 1 Ho rn. FEtEkbcirff Afsrnal. All lb tme uCliEf. Prke, fEO. Price, SLVl» Sl:!

Matraxlni- Rirte, »hh tCrulvixig eyj dd? Army Fcjsclitg l! U 5 Army Civil Wfli Revolver fi IL -i. L-Wu I p i? Vrirpt pirr pair, jtt i" f Flint Lock Horse; Pigtol. I Nlc! T n JJT11 en' l. Aftcii W io 4 inches hi rhbetr nkkl or blue Eimnll. W order's? I -led b 1. I hese ii-ts are retting very. Ll Ji bn? Copy '? Kins eerier LvIlPe-! Hot T 'Acc. Navy CmL War Revolver. Tetfei-'t order r..

N is y Siprtll PiltoU for Ji-h iui i;. Hifncr p! CnvuEry il iE iluvnard ;,!. Um Civil Wat d-i-l.. P U:;::l, S'. In-: Ijl! Fr:, La L. H; Uiir' tu'. EEl butrdgi W-.! Prke, wHtlt bui nT i. LOftWi 1 f 'i Vi i,'i. Btah» Am I let M uTd.

CdU'ii L ;.. Nflvy ih-. Cusl 1 IH- n. K«j BtAsrs S. Lm- Dull. L mould. Spanish Officer s Sword—-StraighT. Price, S3. Lower half or the blade if double-edged s cn. Dr T-. L-J,- " D. Price, Slh. Blade is 34 inebk-. Bronze handle, with Spanish coat of arms and crown m fine chased relief; nickel-plated steel scabbard not original scabbard. Jrkrice Sld. Blades are wrapped in wffiite doth, ieulcd with wax, with Spanish crown and coal arm p it sea!

Price tlm lot,?. Nulivt Aluke. Blade shows watered Sled welding. Price nU Spanish Offirvi'- ]! I' til' g i:uH from hatiti. Iu have been picked up un lilt batlltfield; relic Fhr» l-- 1 ,F Spear relic Foie h sen]iter of authority. The sword is l handsome nnc. Price, SEQ. Sword; inch blade, marked ''Artihcria Fabrica De Toledo;" double gua:d on ihe bronze handle, with SpaniEh coat of arms and crown ar. Swords, made for King Carles ill. Q each lo Icmpt U5 to prirt with citEier of these rare old relies.

Leiilicr scabbard is scorched. Officer's Swor-J. Blade i - 4 inches wide; tol. Price, J1. J proofmark. Officer i Saber, made by WtlliAm. Sword, wi;r: gih-finished bundle, with V, Si, and crown, with brass- inlaid prommafk; donblc-edgi; i etched blade, wifEi V, R..

Price, Sb. IVt Strand. Oil MV Hide r. Britbll broad arrow lli. J p rkv. Sword — Gdl Jiandhy with G. M idr? J:' back Ubvlf, with Bteo-Ii cimI.. Price, 4 35 European N. Price, Antiquated Broad Blade and par: ot handle; relic. Price, SS. Top of handle L'jiih in cru-. Price, Sri. Tn British Society.

Blade U double-edged, J inches at hilt, pointed end; bronze wire-wrapped handle: - guard-. E-n Lvreatli, makes hnc decora lion; very fragile. Bugle zml crown on the handle of k r! Foreijrn Cnl,;. Price, ' k. Zub, w tb two y. Price, mM I w-. UlM a Mim,Ui;rd L". S CKK. Ti'ilqfi Saw! PnLI cr. Made of iniiE Lcmpered, nftl M U. ELcbed hlad-r. G'-'TOrn- ibdnL til 1E 4! LiL Po'-ke Cj-j b. Ta r trendRt r! Sli ,,r. Ln, I ,L-! Pitiern urc4 LH war ns Lrj re, Price. J s:ee! SiHlitTB litit i;u jI i"v.

EltcKc-J- ntEel bljn't. I Etrnsght bHade ctisirUted il Art. Spanish Officers' Sword, with ukkeNplated steel scabby pH. T J tice. Fine Order Kundsome I'wffiftheil brisg giumf, polished srect scabfrurd. Cuban Machetes, Relics, showing effects of m-. There are over L! Price, 1 JM No. Spanish relics i,i! Spanish BayOflcta, 2 bLnch blade. Some angular and quadran- gulav bEndes, n:Ety —damaged m shank; make fir. Brass hamJlcs-, Fine relks,. Mne ocrier. Refinishci li ke rie w. Government and sent with L r.

Bone handle. Indlti H! Curu- liletA with j. Pr[«, s. RjfUl iJ. Pi lc«h j-lulu. Wil, Price. J-I-L- ki. LbljuiT 1 V. At'mji NwunU, V. Kin 6 or tits Hiue irl[c3. Not lumped r ,. Uied by French Police Soldlen. Handsornff iJnrir: ai ion Pflet.. From the French Government. Serviceable order. Sorwceibio order. Lea f he r soabha rd, brass hand! Fills hnndionie 5 f? Leather scabbard with etijmcti stud, Limilcd ilumber. M Fine PookiftH Fwortl i :i r. Piuc assortment. Price tjiiecS from lAflfl to t'id.

Mo r m Price fv. Circular itnne hole in centre for dub. Also head rests, shaped bke carpenter's horse, 6 indies high, on which the head itits. FLuj flinl n? Suili ld"l. LJ CKit War. Stir order. Imported frotn Italy for o: tht U. Nary tsr bladi, fr-nn. PMlibr J Btiol ficnbharil 75 e«nLfi b neb.

VTi FAfb. In d ian A i-m wa. Leather rcnbtard. S, Hrithh irny nflrrp V, F.. Lion bend hi] t, V. JM CiM. Swords wilb of pojLrd or hilt damagi-d, ifl. P r jet. Price, 4f atfi. Prica, pi. Off 4 fort- A EJ "I line order,,. Uo eftidi. Fur 1. Mi,do in Snin-i. W lcIi 1 'jsbnard, SUc. X leaned and polished. U r a Nnvy Smail Bnv- dnut. So oa. Edtu, 1.

Fm E ordur, ecimi r- Daw. Priee H A. Army non. Office iV 3-wardi, wills bluect ntceZ scabbed; npJal Iq hew 1 i Sl At my nun. W la, Ur S- Army non. Tfl 18, E. J:, with dil raved! Irjilirr vJabhn-H.. EuHKpean ,Vavy Cntla«. H-OO Cavalry Sabrt, Cm] U'Dr - pfr-.

C- rl li i 1 H Aiiti'l. Hareth»f Vf. HELLt tbt. M iL,! LTLI Wirff' Ini U. S»br — Vf. Fmad I c, f ttTr ci nh. Fluff d Sik flr Hi il. HTidcaiik pkre. Price, p. Pri-e, Jl. Made li I bridle ;eaL]rff : lr. W'c find that 11! Nfftc thPT airf enffrevdfiff sSiuwi thfic hmr :lirf«e? L—Swurd Ffddi fm hdhl inp S-n-n-fcnm. Cjmi bei! H3 Ko. Nft No. S, Mfl. L loEliig: Vi iLClii-i-.

S-Jirtc IS. Herricrable Sd-liaii-d. S'- V S[. AM In Ewd h oeryic ruble ofi! Ji per jin! Jurinjf Civil TSkf. MFw C S. Cufalrv w i 1. With W r. Jn ffaod ifCc. HA l Snti ejeh. Fcf tft. EVi- e for Nyf m -. Ft zee. Lna : n. Caed DO'. Corpj Is nq [j-ei illun- IraLicm.

CaLher i. T e iti]] Liard fur rl r-! Jt5 renti Etch; njuice! PInci ir deAlfeil, B ntnrs rr,i Sfl. L FijprLBtjr iiv:J [. HWavci Irdp with. V t eoatnekd. Pikt, W ytria efldi. SpcncfT Cailndee FE. L-UM] oE 7 ra-. Ath-u ijui. Eiumelrld 3. With I rath cl Ctot; lOr il '. Renl, snii.

New, F. Bfitinh A tin - S. Price, Hi! Tfr cisc i, With piB. Piftlrt Brin. Pliwk T pa:her Yi'Mini nc-lr- V. Lealhef EaycnaE. Vic-ir a? Cj, R - 13WP v. Elf-Lfhn rl! Alt iir L. Ei ii7 Dil, r. H B--? UJ per dtufH. Wilh 1l up I- i 5 i'. I'Cjhd l. L JcE.

Relicv i J rLLt. Slcii ear! Hi " 5 imh r nickel' 1 pLfllcd 1'iru. Lie ruL;vr;J Cttm? M iVa I Orfieej? The mirl-n. Army Lfinlrjirrr ifktt UaLjfeit; ciial tUaii. Price, 75 i. CfOM - JlflS? FLirra, n- Lii J. W i-arljk NrKfbe-slAEi jfoid, neii. TIT 1su:l Hn. Mail 1 ' f t htlYY "an "Ldorrd cam"!! Hint will iurn TTLiifet. Ebttt t ejn be nji? LlV: of whlilK Iv. I'lltO, 5 fjfi cboSi. E, wlLh! Par iEobc J u c-. Stl'vlLCahlC t. A din! PriLi 1 , Itfi tonri e if Li. U S Army Ji. Ln-,- urlatluh L.

Fir y nl jrllpp b"Ui ni sic. Frier, hi cejiti. Pj'i« t. Pric t, AIL ccau. I re, 3 d c-einji i,ai. Sb-'l :n :i without tb- :! Lhti 4 ' U-. Price Ilt tbr Price tidflfl U S s L J. Navy- Penflints or W blpa, liwuyi dtnpLayE:!

Ln commigfjcn ' Nr. Fennstna madlfc La nTder. S0c, E-jol. Iktcfl lint 1. Pfl CO. We fn-jnsl th! L the Aim bad not vet been mrveved and. Ibpujd be sold il au c iisn. R fliigs. V Si Sj? Flag Tolo Bbears. In iaLr uitlcf, pci Her. Y' '- usL LOt U. Navy I1D A -hwj-!

XaL of Spajulab FSif! Germaa F ng, 4. JSO; f. VVI or U'. C- Pi IOC. HW Jx. T'rn 1! Oppff'rii-firc Kidfl S Ilo I. Brtct-h ItaiidlriH Prr. Jel:Ul I h. Mc andl arr. E 6'jj-f'i Army Sr -.! U-ircJi t ni. Ir-iri [rail ajid. I F aLr rv-j r!!! BuhnC i- iZ3ilMlrn? Pv-iverfol Fic-hJ tilaai froir. S fi l-iIo: p. YljytJ fr cftftKd. Mp ef eBrmoii anri dnffflj wrvlceatllfi t'rzrr? IL iki Nf. Prti hkirr.

N- Td. Nrrt H,irtjL'-. Dlraoc-kcollecilou UH. Li uni Uevoli-I'n Pdf. Lav-- iuy Tuadu for nle. Vt c offer clit n-JtplB Im. Heir ,. Ih'Ubie-acalcil l. Nth 2- N-O. Sourccilr : nrrl receiver PrUk. L7J Nrv V— 31 a. I'tlU IL. S ArmV Lfi ejc-. LSis ot ,r. Hfcly lief. Pljipihlp i'Lyjnfnn. WLLt Afrll frhale i. UI1 1.! Ill 1 Pi! Hird mp pEitL.

II SMlffhLr. W ma- 3 -iuua Wl N : v,-. Avijor-c-fl e. Heavy Hlibtd ffiftVi; r. Ill in i; ii. FTSot, itoTh ptetc fuk. Ock Suo cb-licre Gfcm- r. P' kr. Ili-i' O uy L r. Na MU. I Bi -adsrp. HBai 'll Qtuifk, ir. F1 -fir rwJi:-Suc ni-T. Itajlh nJ barrel. L [taati phH, 1A Sfielvfll; width lrra» the Iwi!

E intlrrsjij doe, hcrvlcuibkardor. Sift- 4 tees bnc. Er : i- r -aEfk-. I-T '. Kainf, wkh? Tfl dozen! Forced Klrtcr. Price, 1l 00 per pair. Mexican Wood Stirrups, Larst sice, 00 cents pair.

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